Godus, a God Game at Kickstarter

Ok, to date I have never bothered to post too much about potential kickstarters that are out there but I wanted to post about Godus because there is only 10 days left and it has only hit a little more than half of it’s small goal of $450,000 pound goal.Continue readingGodus, a God Game at Kickstarter


New Project: RPG Complex

Shortly before I went MIA on this blog for the summer, I put up a post that I was starting work on a new RPG project. Well, we have since started on a new project and called it RPG Complex. I will say this project hit the same hiatus as my blog. The summer was…Continue readingNew Project: RPG Complex


An RPG Project

A couple of years ago in my goals for 2010, I made a goal of mine be to play through as many RPGs as I possibly could. Well I forgot all about this goal in 2010, and when 2011 rolled around and I reviewed my goals I decided it wasn’t worth sticking with.Continue readingAn RPG Project