New Project: RPG Complex

Shortly before I went MIA on this blog for the summer, I put up a post that I was starting work on a new RPG project. Well, we have since started on a new project and called it RPG Complex.

I will say this project hit the same hiatus as my blog. The summer was busy for both of us and it was too busy for that blog too. My friend and I sat down over the last couple of weeks however and talked about whether we do in fact want to continue it or whether we wanted to ditch the idea due to busy lives and we decided that we would continue it, though with modifications to our original plan.

The main modifications that we decided to go with is that we are no longer both doing all of the RPGs. Instead, the two of us together will go through and do many of the “main” RPGs in history and then we will split apart and do the others individually.

This was done largely because the hole that Rogue created for us. My friend gave up on the game rather early and then had to sit while I finished up the next 50+ hours of playtime. We decided that if this is how it is going to be we are probably going to stumble upon a lot of dead spots on the blog. So the idea was that while one guy is finishing up the joint game, the other guy will go in and do non-main games to fill in the blanks.

What that means is that we likely won’t be completing all of the RPGs at all. In fact, we kind of just flat out decided against doing a grand majority of the 1981 and earlier games because most of them were difficult to find and buggy as hell.

We also talked a little bit about making sure we have “while we are playing” blog entries talking about our experiences within the game. So even if we are both playing a particularly long game that the blog doesn’t become stagnant.

I actually think what we figured out will be a happy balance that will allow us to both work on new games all the time, without getting bored waiting for the other. It will also readers to get a decent mix of game, hopefully getting a good majority of games reviewed in hopefully faster time than maybe we would have each of us did them all.

At this time, I have lined up already 4 blog posts just from me, one per week so hopefully that particular blog can keep active for the time being.[1. Hoping that my partner can keep up and blog at least 1 post for every 2 that I put up.] So if you want to read about our adventures in historical Role-Playing Games, please head on over to