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I am a grad at the UW-Madison, with a Bachelor of Science in English. I transferred from UW-Whitewater where I also minored in Computer Science, and previously to that I was a high school drop out. I am now over 40 years old and while I am at the same point a lot of 30 year old people are, I feel like I have accomplished much more than most given some of the adversity I have faced, including being a High School drop out.

I am also a Hemophiliac. For those of you who do not know, this is a disease that you have from birth in which you basically start to spontaneously bleed internally. I am a severe Hemophiliac which generally means that I get these bleeds at least once a month, but for me tend to be about every week or two. In particular my target joints are currently both ankles and my left elbow, my left elbow causing me the most grief.  As I age, I do find myself getting worse and this is a constant battle for me.

At one point, I wanted to be a Game Designer, but at this point I have come to the realization that it likely won’t happen. Still, that side of me is still around, and often you will find this blog filled with random thoughts on Game Design. In particular, I tend to be drawn to RPGs, MMOs, and Strategy Games. I do consider myself a mod-core gamer, which means I don’t spend 40-60 hours a week on games anymore, but it’s far more than an hour or two a week. I care about gaming, I just don’t always have time for it anymore.

I am also a game collector. This is a fairly new hobby, so I’m officially on that bandwagon, but it is spurned by the realization that I never have gotten rid of games as a kid. And as a kid I always had this dream of having this collection similar to what you’d get by going to the local rental place. I tend to favor Nintendo systems,  having all my original Nintendo systems, the only system that I never had was the Virtual Boy. I also have well over 2,000 Steam games and 500 games on GoG, so the collector bug has definitely hit the digital world as well. I never have a lack of games, and that’s just how I like it!


I have been on the net for over 25 years, and yes playing online RPGs since this inception. A list of games that I have somewhat seriously played in my years are as follows, in order of when I played them:

    • Shadows of Yserbius
    • The Realm
    • Dark Sun Online
    • Emperiana
    • Ultima Online (really beta only but I played for about half year)
    • Asheron’s Call
    • Dark Age of Camelot
    • Asheron’s Call 2
    • Shadowbane
    • Anarchy Online
    • Star Wars Galaxies
    • City of Heroes
    • Everquest 2
    • Champions Online
    • Travian
    • Final Fantasy XIV
    • Guild Wars 2
  • Always looking for my next MMORPG.

I have played most class types through these games and find myself better at playing a healer than most of the classes, followed by some form of a tank (i prefer an offensive magic tank such as the Thane in DAoC).

I have also built and designed web sites for about 15 years, and actually prefer working in straight HTML over WYSIWYG programs. Though this is really changing solely because the new way of doing design using CSS for positioning is a pain in the butt to do without a program to do it for you. This site is the latest in a series. I blogged before there was the term blog about my Asheron’s Call Adventures, in my early days I had a site that gave general information and multimedia on various animal types, I’ve had a news site for EQ2 for a short time, and I also have designed a few websites for friends and family when they’ve needed it.

I more recently have taken to YouTube with a number of Let’s Plays. I started with Minecraft, Witcher and a few indie titles, then moved on to No Man’s Sky and landed on Strategy and RPG Games. You can get to my channel here, though I intend on putting updates on this blog as well. In addition to YouTube videos, I periodically do streaming when the mood suits me. This started for over a year on Mixer, but I will be doing this on YouTube going forward now that Mixer was shut down.

This Site

If you register on my site, I do not in the least bit sell this information to others, the sign up process is more in hopes to stop others from advertising here. I honestly don’t even look at who is registered, or even how many people are registered, it isn’t something I care about.

If you are influenced to buy a product in which I review and there is a link available for purchase, please be kind and use my link. I don’t make any money off this website, I tend to lose more money off it by far. But I would like to at least break even and this is the only way in which I have a chance to.

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