An RPG Project

A couple of years ago in my goals for 2010, I made a goal of mine be to play through as many RPGs as I possibly could. Well I forgot all about this goal in 2010, and when 2011 rolled around and I reviewed my goals I decided it wasn’t worth sticking with.

Well a couple of weeks ago, my co-worker came into work and started playing The Elder Scrolls: Arena. [1. Yes we play games at work. There isn’t always a plethora of work to do, and the company is fairly good about not making up work just to keep us busy and allowing us a little leeway on this stuff as long as we work hard when the work actually is there.] I ask him why he was playing Arena all of a sudden given that it is nearly 20 years old and he said he had a dream the previous night that he would go through all the elder scrolls games in order.

This got me thinking about how I also wanted to play some classic RPGs, so naturally I went and downloaded the original Might & Magic. And we played, him playing Arena, me playing M&M.

This actually went on for a few days and we enjoyed ourselves a lot. Then we discovered a blog called the CRPGAddict. This guy has made it his goal to go through and play every Computer Roleplaying Game that he can. We instantly looked at each other and wondered why we don’t do something like that.

So that’s what we are doing. We are still figuring out a lot of the details right now like name and rules and what games to include on the list. I think we have a lot of the early games down and we’ve started playing a couple.

We’re going to go beyond just Computer RPGs and include Console RPGs which I think will help us differentiate from CRPGAddict. I also think there is something of value of having two different voices. In particular, he’s in his mid-20s and I’m in my mid-30s so we get two generations of gamers. I wish we had someone who was this big into RPGs with us who was in his early to mid 40s because some of the early RPGs in particular are just way before even my time and I think it’d be good to get that third generation.

Anyway, that’s what I’m up to currently. I am going to try to keep you updated with how that project is going. It might dig into my time here, but probably not too much. Most of the stuff I post here wouldn’t be appropriate there anyway.