A Quick Stint with Ohio

I almost went to Ohio next week, but not quite. You see, HP won the contract for Ohio Medicaid and are actually starting the system up on August 2nd. They are currently behind a few months already on opening the site, and as a way to show good faith were trying to help out the state’s call centers by sending experienced people out from other states. Two of us from the EDI helpdesk in Wisconsin were asked to go and we were told a few weeks ago that it would start on August 1st. On Wednesday they told us that they wanted us down there next week instead.

This created quite the stir. Nobody was ready to go yet, heck we didn’t even know for certain whether we were going to Columbus or one of the other many Ohio cities.  But we started moving ahead anyway. I made appointments in Columbus for the doctor so that I could get my factor down there, we ordered a corporate credit card, and got the process rolling for a laptop and travel arrangements.

Of course, it should have come as no surprise that Thursday, that they did not want us. Not even during the initial 8 weeks that they wanted us for. It was a surprise at any rate, and a bit of a let down to be honest. I was looking forward to going to Ohio.

It would have provided me with a very well needed vacation. I’ve been growing tired of Madison of late. I mean I love the town, but at the same time, I’ve been here my whole life and just need a change of location for a bit, even if it is only temporary. It also would have been good for my image at HP as well. Showing that I’m willing to go out and do such things makes me look more like a company man and they tend to like that sort of thing. My team lead went down to Georgia last year about this time for two weeks for a similar task, and a few weeks later he had gotten a better position within the company. I don’t think I’d get a great position that fast, but I think it would help all the same.

All is not lost however. One thing that I have learned from three years working with the government from within a private company. Things change quickly. I will probably be scrambling to go again in another week.

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