New Job

If you don’t watch my little twitter go by on the side of the Page, last Friday I got the news that I am going to be hired as a Help Desk Tech starting this upcoming Wednesday. It is both exciting and nerve wrecking. I really don’t want to go to work, like anyone does, but at least the pay is decent and it is something that I can do fairly easily.

I don’t know how this news will affect my blog. I know when I was in school I didn’t get as many updates as I would have liked. However, in a way work is way different than school. When you are in school, classes are actually just a small part of your work load. Much of your time is reading, doing papers, assignments and projects after classes are out. With work, you may be there much longer, but once you leave, you are done with work and you can use the rest of your time as you like. Granted during this time you tend to be much more tired and just don’t have much time to get too involved. We’ll see, it has been a long time since i have worked a steady job.

The job couldn’t have come at a better job as I have really started to struggle financially and I really coul duse the money to help pay off bills and get more financially sound. The job is only temporary so the job hunt won’t end. It is unitl October, so at least for the first couple of months I think I can get away with getting more picky and going back to looking for more serious jobs that I could foresee myself doing for a few years. Of course as I get closer to October, I will broaden my search again, but for now I am more than a little happy.

In the meantime, I feel rushed this weekend because I feel that this is my last opportunity to get some things done. So my update to the website is being worked on fairly hardcore, and I feel I am almost finished with it so hopefully I can get the new look published tomorrow. I’m really jazzed about it because I think it looks really nice and I will be able to finally have a site that isn’t completely generic in looks. I also need to make some more attempts at fixing my computer because it’d be nice not to have to bugger with that while I have a job, or at the very least be able to buy new replacement parts with my new income.

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