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After long thought, I decided to attend my graduation commencement a couple weeks ago. But when I made this decision, I decided that I would only do it under my terms. I wasn’t going to invite everyone just for the sake of doing so, and I wasn’t going to make a gigantic deal out of…Continue readingCommencement

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The Lost Room

Well it doesn’t appear that The Lost Room will be picked up by Sci-Fi Channel as an ongoing television series. It is too bad in some sense, it is probably better that way in another. It’s too bad in the sense that they had a really really good story premise. The idea of objects from…Continue readingThe Lost Room

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Bush’s new plan

Bush seems to be perpetually 3-10 years behind on this Iraq War thing. When the war started, he was about 10 years behind. He thought they had WMDs like it was the Persian Gulf War, and he was about 10 years away from having a plan to attack. Now miraculously he has come up with…Continue readingBush’s new plan