Featured Goals

Goals of 2010 and 2011

I decided this year for my goals that I would take a review of last year’s goals and see how I’ve done. Then either continue them for this upcoming year or end them. I do plan on adding a few new goals to the mix as well. After all we all change from year to…Continue readingGoals of 2010 and 2011

Featured MMORPGs

New MMO Bug

Every now and then I get an itch to play an older game that I enjoyed years ago on a regular basis. If you’ve read this blog regularly at all, you know that almost yearly I return to City of Heroes for a month to check out the changes and enjoy the Super Hero atmosphere.…Continue readingNew MMO Bug

Family Featured

Christmas ’09

I have made a post for a few years now about what I got for Chrsitmas so I feel this is my yearly tradition now, not sure it’s a great one but oh well it is mine. This Christmas I went to Wisconsin Dells with my daughter for a night, it was ok, stressful but…Continue readingChristmas ’09

Featured Games

Wii Fit Review

As previously mentioned, I got Wii Fit as a Christmas present and have been working hard to burn off those calories and become healthy ever since that point. I wanted to give the program a good month before I started reviewing it because the various positions are unlocked via how much time you put into the game. So I needed to put time in in order to give it a complete review.Continue readingWii Fit Review

Featured Movies

Sex and the City Movie Review

I will be an abnormal man when I admit that I have always enjoyed [amazonify]B001DDBCUU::text::::Sex and the City[/amazonify] when it was a television show on HBO. I realize it was about four women and thus often put it in the realm of being too femmy for the average man. But the show itself was smart,…Continue readingSex and the City Movie Review

Featured Gaming

Another Raiding Guild

So feeling a little ripped off about my previous guild ending before we really got the chance to go raiding, I decided to start applying to other, more established raiding guilds to at least be able to go and see the raids occur, see the zones, and at least get some loot. I tried a…Continue readingAnother Raiding Guild