Automotive Bailouts

Anybody who reads my blog fairly regularly realizes that when it comes to politics that I tend to lean to the left fairly strongly. So it is odd to me that I am here blogging about a subject in which I apparently am being conservative on. Because honestly when it comes to all these bailouts, I just don’t believe they are the best of ideas, and somehow Democrats seem to love the idea. Even though I understand that if too many of these companies begin to fall, our economy is in a world of trouble, I can’t help but think that the money is being handed out with little thought and little responsibility.

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Barack Wins

Let me be one of the million people talking about the new president this morning. Congratulations to Barack Obama and his family. You were entrusted with an enormous responsibility. You have to live up to your campaign, to the African-Caucasian-American race, you have to get out of a bad war, find a terrorist, and fix our economy. Good luck. I hope you can live up to what we have given you. But more than anything, I hope that the way you won… without all the corporate money, allows us to have a clean president looking out for the good of the people, instead of the good of the corporation and the good of the rich. Do us proud.

My History with Barack Obama

It’s been a little more than four years since I was first introduced to Barack Obama, well not literally. Virtually I guess. I was watching the Democratic National Convention on TV in 2004. I’m not sure why, I don’t particularly like watching these things, even if I do, I tend to just watch the presidential and vice-presidential nominees just to see what they had to say. But for some reason, maybe it was fate, but I saw this politician that I had never before seen stand up in front of the convention and speak in a way I had never heard a politician speak. You know what you get with politicians, the same old same old.
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Ten Reasons to Legalize Marijuana

Let me preface this post by saying that in my life I have never used any drugs, nor do I want to. I think that with my personality I would get addicted too quickly and it would become a danger to me, much the same reason why I don’t smoke cigarettes and why I control myself when I drink alcohol. I don’t trust myself with them so I don’t do them. Nor do I have any close friends and family whom might benefit from marijuana being legalized. There truly would be little to no personal benefit to legalizing it, this is more a realization that overall marijuana would be a decent drug to legalize. So on with my logic…

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Tire Gauges Galore

John McCain recently released a tire gauge in conjunction with a small portion of something Obama said about energy conservation that among other things, Americans need to ensure that our tires are properly filled. McCain thought this was a terrific idea and thus has decided to throw his support behind Barack Obama and offer up these tire gauges with Obama inscriptions on the side of them.

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