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The Future of Netflix

I recently got NetFlix again due to my cancelation of Cable TV. And for a mini-update of that, I am quite happy with the change given that the new TV season is on keeping me busy there anyway and I save about $30 a month from what I was paying. Now I’m not going to…Continue readingThe Future of Netflix


Cable Decisions

When we decided to move out of our old apartment, I made the decision that I would switch internet to AT&T DSL without landline plan, and cancel our cable TV so that I could once and for all be done with Charter as a company. Then, I found out that AT&T doesn’t cover DSL in…Continue readingCable Decisions


A Future with no Cable

I am currently in the process of moving. We actually just signed our new lease last night for the apartment that we chose after a rapid fire weekend of showings. The apartment is pretty nice actually, almost twice the size of our current apartment, a ton of amenities, and a much more professional upkeep than…Continue readingA Future with no Cable