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Troubled Times in AC2

It’s been a difficult week in Asheron’s Call 2. And not just issues with AC2’s beta, though that hasn’t been helping. I’ve been having character troubles, allegiance troubles, and general burn out. When I only get to play for a week all day, I tend to do it!

First off, early in the week I discussed with my allegiance leader that I like to play characters the guild needs generally. He mentioned that they needed a tank and a sage. As it happens one of the classes I was considering playing was sage anyway, so off I went leveling that character. I sat and actually xp’d instead of explored, got rid of my crafting habit and ended up with a level 31 sage in just a couple of days. Not bad.

During this time, the guild leader had convinced someone else to create a Sage. This really disheartened me quite a bit and made me switch my mind back to a Tumerok and untrained my Zealot stuff in favor of going Feral Intendent. Again, went and got myself up to 29 in about a day, not bad but still annoyed that I had to.

And then one day when logging in, I noticed that my sage was completely naked in the login screen. I gave a wtf and went and logged him in and sure enough, completely naked, nothing in his bags or anything. I heard this happening to other people in server crashes, musta happened to me the last time I logged in with him.

Now one thing that this last experience has taught me is that Asheron’s Call 2 is NOT a game that was designed for the player to not have any items whatsoever. You can’t recall without items, you can’t fight (I actually tried to fight some little stuff with my bare hands and that doesn’t work) and there is no ability to craft starter items for free. (Though to be fair, I could have gone and found silver and crafted a scepter but that would have taken time). There are NPCs in Cragstone and Ikaris that let you buy weapons and so I traveled there and bought a moderately priced weapon to allow me to at least cast stuff and fight!

This led to another frustration… I am broke. That scepter cost me a full third of the money I had and no it wasn’t very good either. See the thing is, because he is a sage, he spends all his time healing. And I have found that many groups don’t like rotational loot. So it is a Free For All to try to get loot and people often sit and grab stuff before fights are done just to get stuff. Even if they wait for the fight, it usually takes me a couple minutes to make sure everyone is healed and by that time we are onto the next fight and I am healing again. No time for me to loot. So I am broke.

Which led me to whining to my allegiance about my woes and only one person in the entire lot (and the monarch was on) to offer to help me find more loot. I probably did actually whine a bit more than I should have but it was disconcerting that no one besides one of my better friends in the game offered to help. I mean what is the purpose of an allegiance if not to help when times are tough? And honestly I don’t think these guys help a lot, so now I am contemplating leaving the allegiance completely.

All in all, by the end of this debacle, I’ve been playing more of my third character and staying away from the power leveling. I like playing the game but I don’t see a huge reason why to power level and my current allegiance makes me feel like I have to given that they won’t play with anyone not doing it.

So if anyone is playing AC2 and has an allegiance that they think would suit me, I’m listening to options. To be honest, I’m not needy, I just like guildies to play together. I don’t feel like that is too much to ask for…