Online Anniversary

2013 is actually a really special year to me. It marks my 20th year being online and playing online RPGs. I don’t honestly have an exact date as to when it occurred, I just remember being 15 years old when I discovered everything. I usually pen in my discovery of these fine interwebs and MMOs to August.

I feel the need to do something special. I don’t know many people who have been playing online RPGs for 20 years, even being online 20 years. Hell, I don’t know many people who played MMOs longer than WoW these days. It seems like I should do something to celebrate.

My initial thought was “Hey let’s go back and play Shadow of Yserbius.” This may or may not be possible though I’m not entirely sure. There used to be a site that had the game up for play as well as forums and what not that a lot of former YSers used to go to. The forum is still there but it seems rather wonky and I don’t think they have the game up anymore which is too bad.

I played Asheron’s Call 2 recently, and AC1 doesn’t seem all that special. I also considered Dark Sun Online which again no one seems to have bothered creating a server for. Emperiana seemed like a good idea. I’m not sure if that is available or not. The website is still up and it says it is free but there is no way to sign up anymore. But at least that game has the look & feel of YS. I may end up playing The Realm which was a game a lot of YSers went to after YS shut down while we waited for Ultima Online to go live. Though they only have a 7 day free trial, after that you have to buy a full year which I’m not fond of.

The other thought is to try something new. I’ve always wanted to give Lineage and Eve Online a better shot, but I don’t really have a crew or the time to go into a PvP game. I could play Meridian 59 since I never played that before if I want to go retro a bit. Maybe the ever popular Maple Story? Or go back to a MUD of some sort that I never played back in the olden days, there are many MUDs still alive and cooking.

IT’s difficult to come up with just the right way to celebrate. But I good 6 months to really celebrate so I will give it more thought. I got more time. If anyone has any suggestions I am more than willing to listen though!