My first Lodra/Spore Creature

This is the first creature that I made with Spore with Lodra, my MMO world in mind. Keep in mind I can’t do exactly what I want to with the creature creator, but I felt that the program gets me close enough to give others a rough idea at what I’m looking for in certain creatures.

<br />I am calling this creature an Aramite.

The first thing you will notice about this creature is that it has a look similar to a Praying Mantis, and sure enough this was one of my inspirations. I wanted a creature that was essentially a Mantis mixed with an Ant mixed with a Termite.

Why this mixture? Because I wanted something that was kind of scarey and alien looking, yet cool at the same time. I wanted this to be one of my landmark creature types in the game.

It is a big creature, bigger than an average human. And lives much like Termites in large mounds that go up several stories in the middle of Savannahs. There are several varieties of the creature, including some varieties that have flight and many that don’t. They have an insatiable need for metals, in particular, they search out iron, which may explain their orangish tint.

More on this creature to come.