EQ2 Re-Addiction

I got re-addicted to EQ2 this summer. Now I don’t think it is because EQ2 is a great game or anything. On the contrary, but it is getting better. The problem is that it just seems to be the best currently available without going back to the older generation of games, which were good but I think their time is done in my life.

This is turning out to be fairly bad in my life however. I wanted to get my geometry correspondence course done this summer, and to date I haven’t finished a single assignment during the first two months of summer and have 6 to go. I also wanted to write a book, and don’t have any of that done. Although granted, I think much of this issue lends to an issue I have deciding whether to make it the more difficult to read first person or the more difficult to write third person. Right now I’m leaning towards going first person but I keep flopping back and forth and it makes it difficult to write.

While I have this as an excuse, I think EQ2 is leading a big role in why I’m not doing it, I think I’d be able to figure this stuff out if I would have the ability to sit down and just pound at it without playing games but I don’t. I am still kind of hoping that I just burn myself out a bit on the game. But that doesn’t seem to be happening. I did get burned on the PvP server over the last week. I guess that is a start.