The Incredible Hulk Review

I rented the latest Hulk movie on Netflix this past weekend and watched it. Everyone said that it was much better than the original but I’m not entirely certain I agree. Each does some things better than the other, the first one wasn’t exactly good, but neither was the second one either, but for very different reasons. Perhaps at its heart the reason why this series doesn’t seem good to me is that the series just isn’t all that great.

Incredible Hulk  (5)My main issue on the second Hulk film was really that of casting choices. It is really hard to say anything bad about Edward Norton, but at the same time he just never makes a good choice in my mind of Bruce Banner. He seems more of a big name than a good choice which is kind of sad. I feel the same about Liv Tyler as well, even though in my mind she is a smaller name than her predecessor of Jennifer Connolley. The real issue is that the previous movie was cast so brilliantly, that this movie just pales in comparison. The actors fit their roles really well, and they weren’t bad actors either so the acting really shined in the first film. In this film the acting was sub par, the casting was bad, and the actors seemed awkward on the stage.

The animation overall I think was in fact much better in this movie. I thought the first movie had some better parts for instance I really hated the end fight scene with the two hulks in the new movie as it was completely animated, buildings and all and it really looked it which was more than a little disappointing. However, the end scene of the first movie was perhaps my biggest complaint of the first movie as it was just overly ridiculously retarded.

The villains of this movie were again very silly. I think the villains were a little better here than they were in the first movie, but like I said this may really be the end result of Hulk as a story line. When you have a giant green monster that is invincible to nearly everything that the army can send at it, you need another equally giant yellow or orange or whatever colored monster to stand up to it. And it starts to look stupid at a certain point. I think for this reason, it probably will work quite well when we see the Hulk as the Villain in the Avengers movie.

Overall my grade for The Incredible Hulk is about a C+. Since I did not give the original Hulk, I will say now that I would likely give it a grade of C-. So yes this movie is in fact slightly better, but it isn’t that much better than the original.

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Not a comic fan, are you? One of the coolest things about the new Hulk film was how many shout-outs it made to fans. Even moves like the clap and the ground stomp came straight from the comics. Liv Tyler was probably the biggest disappointment. She looks cute, especially when asking if getting just a little excited would be okay, but she looks too young and waif-ish to be convincing as a world-class biologist.

I’m excited and curious to see how they’ll tie the Hulk into the planned Avengers film. Will he be a villain or a hero?

Not a fan of the Hulk comics much no. Loved Iron Man, Daredevil, the first two X-Men movies, Batman, etc… but this one just never did it. Actually for comic book feel I did like the original more. I loved how Ang Lee incorporated the comic book panes into the movie, thought it was really cool. The cinematography was so much better in that movie than this one.

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