Ok so today I didn’t really do too much. I spent most the day studying, reading, and playing some new gamecube games that I got.

I started up a second blog on wordpress that is private and have also been adding posts to that. That blog is for me to take notes on the Bible as I read it. I’ve never really read the Bible all the way through. I’ve always started but just stopped at some point. So I think that this type of format might help because I basically do a post on every chapter (not every book, but every chapter within the book). This way I see the progress that I am making. In addition, I always like taking notes on the Bible and probably have a few paper notes in various places. I like to think about the Bible and religion and this gives me the opportunity to actually take the notes and then have them fully categorized and searchable. Something I think to be kinda cool actually.

I also went to Uno’s for dinner with my friend. I weighed myself after breakfast this morning and found that I had lost 2.5 pounds. And this is post-breakfast weight! I usually weigh myself before I eat anything, so I was really proud. Eating out and unhealthy was a way for me to celebrate my victory. I said jokingly that it was my attempt to put that weight back on. But her and I have the attitude where we eat healthy during the week and then we can eat a littel better on the weekend as sort of a reward for our healthier eating. I don’t believe you have to eat great all the time, you just got to pick your battles. You need to treat yourself and eat something good sometime otherwise life really isn’t worth living.

I have a test in Spanish tomorrow. I’m not really sure if I’m ready for it yet but hopefully I will be all right. I did all my spanish homework today and went through the book once, and then went through my flash cards for the current 2 chapters 4 times and all my flashcards 1 time so hopefully I will know it. I want to also go through the flash cards at least 2 or 3 times tomorrow morning before the test. I think I’m gonna leave for class 5 or 10 minutes later cause I’m tired of getting to class so early, I feel awkward around the teacher and when I come so early she takes the opportunity to talk to me.

Pumpkin Party

Let’s see… today I went to a pumpkin carving party that was being put on from a friend of a friend. Always feel a little wierd at parties, especially where I don’t know people. So I tend to get a lot more quiet. But I had a good time, the food was good and we had beer so I am a little buzzed right now. Oddly when I get alcohol in me, I get even more quiet, however at least I wasn’t nervous. Continue reading “Pumpkin Party”

Goal #4: Computer Upgrades

I forgot another goal when I was doing goals a couple of days ago so I thought I’d talk about that one today. Essentailly my 4th goal is to build a totally new computer for Windows Vista. I know I know, Vista is just OSX, but damn that OS is pretty and I’m SICK of the 9x look, it is just so stale by this time. Honestly I wish that they would take a cue from MMO games and winamp and just allow people to skin the entire OS to make it look how you want it. But alas they don’t. Continue reading “Goal #4: Computer Upgrades”

Move to WordPress

Well originally I had intended on staying with blogger for the posting tools and publish my blog to my personal web-space provided by my internet company. However, I was wanting to change the template over there and thus was republishing the entire site to my server. This apparently was not working so out of frustration and trying to work with it for a few hours, I decided to just move over here to wordpress.

I have a site using the wordpress engine already and have been very happy with it. For this one I’m not using my own server, which I may be able to do, but for now I decided to just put it on wordpress to make life easier. Plus my server has very little space and is using a lot through two other sites that I have running so I figure this is probably a smarter idea inĀ  order to keep my costs down. If I start having issues with keeping this on wordpress, and/or it gets too big, I may go and get it its own server at some point.

On the plus side, wordpress does have a number of features that blogger doesn’t have, is much easier to use and just is all around better, it just doesn’t have the ability to hook up with my internet server directly without having to install the software on that server. It is also quite nice to be using something that I am now more used to using thanks to my other sites, though this is far less powerful than the version that you host yourself.

Word Count: 268 (awww just missed my goal, maybe I will write another post later tonight)

Test Day

Well I had an exam today in Medieval Warfare. I didn’t really study a ton, I read the material I was supposed to read and looked over my notes from class 2 or 3 times. Nothing major. Heck before class I was sitting there playing sudoku while the rest of the class was freaking out about the test. Why didn’t I study more? Well I think I’m dropping the class. Continue reading “Test Day”

New Story Idea

Yesterday I actually did quite a bit of writing. In addition to my post here, I had a short one page paper to write for my Detective Fiction class, and I also wrote a few posts for my Gender & Technology class. Overall I probably wrote close to 2500 words, not bad for an afternoon of work.

Today I came up with a book idea. It is basically a book for my fictional world that I created about 8 or 9 years ago for an MMO that I’ve been working on. Ever since I created this world I’ve wanted to come up with a story that I might be able to turn into a book series without taking away some of the secrets and story that I had planned for the game. Well today I think I came up with a really stellar one. I spent much of class today writing out various things that are occurring in the world to set up the story. I haven’t really fleshed out the characters yet, but I know the events that are occurring in the town that will hopefully set up a really good story between the characters.I would say what the story is about, but honestly I don’t want anyone to take it because it is fairly unique in its approach.

Otherwise it is a fairly standard day. After classes I went to the hospital for an infusion. Took 2 tries for them to get me and was there for about 2 hours. Tuesdays are a busy day. I wish that I didn’t have to go, but I need to go twice a week otherwise I start bleeding and there is no way of avoiding either Monday or Tuesday, both of which are busy there.

Have yet to eat today and just ordered a pizza at Pizza Hut. I know I know. It isn’t very healthy food, but it is the first meal of the day, and will likely be the only one for me. Hopefully the fact that it is the only meal I will have will counteract its unhealthiness.

Word Count: 350

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