A new Baseball league idea.

So lately I’ve been watching baseball for some reason. I have no idea why, it is a boring sport, but at the same time it is good background noise for when I am doing something. But watching it has gotten me thinking. The sport itself isn’t horrible, but the problem with it is largely what it has become. It is for money grubbing steroid junkies that just takes too long and every game means very little in the grand scope of things. None of this sits well in the modern age, and though I think the American public still have a certain respect for Baseball and WANT to like it, they can’t for all those reasons.

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2 Days with Pokemon Diamond

Getting pokemon turned out to be quite an ordeal. I had a gift card that I was saving from Christmas to buy Pokemon for Best Buy and even though I’ve lost favor with Best Buy I still don’t mind using Gift Cards there. So I went online and ordered Pokemon Pearl g3cause the exclusives seemed a tad better there, and I didn’t mind if I got my copy a few days late. Well if Best Buy makes it obvious what address you are shipping it to, I don’t know where it is because this was the second time that I failed to notice a shipping address entry form and it had my old address in it. Continue reading “2 Days with Pokemon Diamond”