I recently have been playing Uplink which you can get off Steam for about $10. This game is an older game made by an indie development team I think around 2000 or 2001. The game is really genius. It puts you in the role of a hacker working for some weird hacker corporation. You take out contracts from corporations who want to sabotage people and companies, steal and destroy data, and start viruses. You then go out with these contracts, break into the target system, and do the task envolved.

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Humanities Building, the one no one likes

Today in the Wisconsin State Journal was an article about the future of the Humanities Building on the UW Campus. This building has been on the chopping block for the school over the last couple of years and it has been at the center of a large debate, as the article accurately suggests. There is a lot going on with the building which is sad, and good that it is getting the attention it is after years of neglect in the city… I will give my personal take on it, as someone who has grown up in Madison, and as someone who has attended classes in it.
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On Sunday I went to the Sundance Cinema with my roommate and saw Sicko. I thought it was fairly good, not as good as Bowling for Columbine but much better than Roger & Me, and slightly better than Fahrenheit 9/11.

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Random Annoyances

My roommate is currently out to lunch with her father so I got the apartment to myself and quiet for a moment. I need to go to the hospital for medicine, but really I don’t want to because these times happen so little.  So yeah, I’m still being bothered by her constantly being home.

She still hasn’t even gotten a nibble on a new job and I’m not shocked but this is not the topic I want to be “I told you so” on. I mean she left work so that she wouldn’t feel ok with not getting a new job, to force herself to make the change because she isn’t someone who changes easily.

It isn’t a bad idea, but in order for it to work you have to act like you aren’t working and change your attitude to finding a new job. That means going after jobs that you don’t particularly like, that may be a little lower in salary, that may be further away, etc. These are the jobs you’d tend to grab that you may not if you still have employment, but she hasn’t gone after these. She is just as picky as she always was.

On top of that, she still hasn’t changed her application process. She emails the applications and then let’s them be. She is doing two things wrong here, first she is emailing. Even though they accept emails, I bet most places would still prefer a hard copy of the resume. Second, she never calls back. She feels that if they wanna hire her, they will call her but that isn’t the case in modern job hunting. You need to call back and schedule an appointment but she doesn’t unless she really wants the job. So really her whole process of getting a job hasn’t changed and it really needed to. She might as well have been staying at the crappy job she was working at. If she is going to be this picky either way at least she’d have a somewhat decent salary.

On top of this, one of the main reasons that she left was also because she felt that she was always frustrated and she was not happy with who she was. Since she has become unemployed though, her frustration level has probably gone down, but she actually gets frustrated much easier than she ever had before which leaves me in the position of always being on the receiving end of her frustration. This isn’t helping matters at all.

On a side note, the itching from my swimmer’s itch subsided about Tuesday or Wednesday. I hope that the bumps go away somewhat soon though because I look somewhat diseased right now and am really embarrassed about the way that my skin currently looks.

Growing frustration

My roommate recently quit her job without having another job lined up. Financial issues aside, this has become very frustrating already for me as now she is around all the time. It used to be that I used the afternoons to work on random stuff. Whether it be an NWN module for an upcoming contest, cleaning, working on my story, or some other random project that I have, I did it in the afternoons. The problem is that the reason I did it in the afternoons was that I was awake and also because she wasn’t around. With her around, I get distracted, i don’t feel I can concentrate on what I am doing, and a small part of me feels embarassed and more pressured than what I need to feel.

What makes matters worse is that she feels bored all the time and thus finds the need to force me to do stuff with her. It is one thing if she went out on her own, in fact I would welcome this as a chance to do what I need to do. But she needs me to go because she doesn’t want to do anything alone. This complicates matters not only because it is more lost time, but if I am out and about doing things, then when I get home i am usually tired and either want to take a nap or I just want to sit down and play my game. Thereby taking away still more time.

The whole process is frustrating. I am not getting anything done. I have decided to put my book on hold for the time being and concentrate more on my NWN module as that is due in mid-July and I feel like I can win this competition. I also would like to work more on my resume, its webpages, and business cards to help me get my name out and be able to get a job after next semester. However, if this continues and she remains unemployed for long, I will certainly have to go up to the cottage alone so that I can concentrate on the book fully. It is just not something I particularly wanted to do because of gas prices and no air conditioning in my car, but more and more it is seeming like a good idea.