Goals of 2012-2013

What a weird year 2012 was. I think if one word were to sum it up, change would be that word. New place to live, new living situation, new cat, new car, and though I don’t have a new job, it did change a bit.

Online Life

This year was on again off again with the blog. Unfortunately with splitting my household in two and moving people to two different places, my time ran dry late in the summer and so did my blogging. It obviously picked up over the last year and a half and I am hoping to continue that progress on through this year. i do think part of my recent success in constant posting comes in large part to my return to the MMO gaming… I now have more to talk about.

Which brings me to MMOs… I am playing Asheron’s Call 2 really actively now and there are a few MMOs that I am looking forward to. I am quite happy with where my MMO life is though I’ll be honest I don’t know how long this will continue. Who knows what Turbine has in store for AC2 and I honestly don’t know how long I’ll be interested. But for now it is great and I am happy.

I want to add to my current list of goals as well that I want one of my two other blog projects to take off and be semi-successful.1 The two other blogs that I keep is RPGComplex, which I’m not sure if it will work out as my co-blogger doesn’t look to be posting and that disheartens me. The other is a yet unnamed project that I will probably post about later, but it is similar in scope to RPGComplex but with me alone.

Gaming Life

My gaming life has blossomed quite well thanks to RPGComplex and my more recent hobby of collecting classic games. I have been playing many games related to those. In addition; GoG, Steam and Humble Bundle have all caught my bug too. I often find myself buying numerous games at value prices and have been playing many of them (though some I am saving for later).

Going forward I am going to add my Classic Game Collection to my goals. I do want to continue to expand my collection. I don’t know if I want to set a target number for myself or not. I am still having some financial difficulties thanks to the new car but I do want to get at least a few new retro games this year. I’d also like to buy my first arcade cabinet for my house. I know the spot I want to put it in and all. For that one, I’d like to actually get a somewhat uncommon but really popular game like Q-Bert, but I also wouldn’t mind getting a X-Men 6 player game even if I don’t have anyone to play with.

Work Life

While I do have a newer job and was quite content early in the position with that job, I have since begun to despise it almost as much as my former position. The problem is how I see my teammates and myself treated by management on a daily basis is just terrible and I don’t see it getting any better. Therefor I again have begun looking for a new job or position within the company and even think I may have one by the end of the month. I am very hopeful, but that hasn’t gotten me anywhere in the past. Still, this is definitely a goal again.

The arcade has sort of died out. Ideally, I would be getting serious about it but the person that I was going to team up for with this is having a ton of personal issues that I don’t think is going to get cleared up within the next year. If his issues pass by then I might rethink it for next year’s goal but until then, that goal is on hiatus. My writing I was doing early in the year last year, but like many things died out due to being overly busy. Now that I have gotten on track for blogging, I want to start re-introducing writing into my schedule and am hopeful to have my book complete by the end of the year and submitted to some sort of publishing company and/or agent.

Personal Life

I started a diet program in about May and for a couple of months it was going well. I lost between 15 and 20 pounds in the two months that I was going. Then stress of moving and depression later and holidays I think got me that weight back. Now that the holidays are over and I am all moved in, I am hoping to get back on my diet and hopefully lose that weight again.

I did continue my growth with co-workers outside of work this year. We had several marathons in which a group of us went and watched movies on a theme (Avengers, Lord of the Rings, Batman). For a couple of months, I also started a second game night when I went to one co-worker’s house and played board games every week. That lasted a couple of months, but it was only 2 or 3 people playing and with holidays coming I thought my time was better spent elsewhere. I do want to return to that board game night, but probably not on a weekly basis. LotRo also crashed and burned and I don’t think that will be resurrected any day soon.

I do feel I am more organized but not as much as I’d like to be. With my new condo, organization is constantly on my mind. The storage isn’t great and so I am always trying to use my space better and find more out of what I have. I think I am doing ok, but this is still something I want to get better at.

Japanese… argh… nuff said…

Well that is my summation of my goals from last year going forward. We’ll see how well I can to keep them up this year.

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  1. Success for me is not how many people visit it though that is a bonus, it is really that I am able to maintain posting.