New Laws for MMO Design

It has been years since Raph Koster first collected the wisdom of various MMORPG enthusiasts and developers and wrote down a list of Laws of Online World Design. I don’t even think he has touched it for many years, I bet the last edit happened sometime after Dark Age of Camelot was released, given that one of his references came from a DAoC developer. While I think that he had many rules that were in fact very accurate, I can’t help but think of how the MMO world has changed since he first laid them out. I mean Raph must have learned a world of things from SWG alone, let alone something like the advent of WoW.

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Lego Batman Review

Well the last couple of my posts haven’t been about games so I decided today to get back on track with a review of [amazonify]B000ZKBJYG::text::::Lego Batman[/amazonify]. I had actually gotten this game a few weeks ago but I put off playing it because I was busy with work, and then I needed to give myself time to play. I haven’t really played Lego Star Wars to compare it to that game though I have played for a few moments and watched my daughter play it. So this review is mostly from fresh Lego eyes.

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$OE Strikes Again

Sony Online Entertainment announced their new micro-transaction model for both Everquest and Everquest 2 recently, deciding to take American MMORPGs in an entirely new direction. I can’t say that anyone in particular was surprised by the move. Sony has long been on the forefront at finding new ways to charge MMO players more money than they already were paying. Be it the Station Pass, Legends servers on EQ1, Magazines, or a Trading Card Game infused with in game items, Sony has tried to do it all. On top of that, they’ve already announced an MMO based on microtransactions called FreePlay, and I do believe that Sony uses EQ games to test out these ideas first.

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Cartographer’s Annual ’07 Review pt. 1

Given that I got sick over the weekend, I decided to take the day off yesterday, and now again today, so that I can recoup and return to work both healthier and with more energy. In the meantime, I have decided to take the extra time that I now have and use it to go over the mapping bug that has been bothering of late and return to Campaign Cartographer 3’s Annuals that I have been neglecting the past couple of years. I decided I would post my thoughts on these annuals here, but instead of doing the whole thing in one big long post, I decided to split it up into chunks of 4 months at a time.

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