Weekly Response #1

I thought it might be fun to post my weekly responses for my Virtual World Studies class. I think they will mostly take the form of my current journeys in World of Warcraft, but may also take the form of what responses on what we are reading and thoughts in class. Without further adieus…. Continue reading “Weekly Response #1”

EQ2: Lesser Faydark

After long last, I finally got into a new zone in EoF. The jump between Steamfont and Lesser Faydark is huge, you can’t really go straight from one to the other, you really need to stop over in Feerrott, Everfrost, Lavastorm, and Sinking Sands first. There is a dungeun instance that you could go to instead named Klak’anon, it seems to be the main bridge. However, it is rather dull and uninteresting and has few quests and is more group oriented. So if you want to do quests, gain AA, and solo, you are bessed served in one of the others. Continue reading “EQ2: Lesser Faydark”


So I am taking a virtual worlds class this semester and I was really excited about it. Last semester I talked to the prof about the class and she said that people could choose any MMO they wanted to play, but they must play one. Well, now she has decided that you must play either Secondlife or WoW. I’m not interested in Second Life as I’ve given up the days of IRC chat long ago and have no interest in cyber prostitution, so that basically sticks me into WoW. yay, the excitement is just bleeding off me.

On the bright side, she is only requiring that people play 1-3 hours a week, which should mean if I play just that, I will be sick of it somewhere half way into the semester. Maybe I can just deal with it past that and make it through the semester. I think it’ll be a fun class otherwise.

One thing I do find odd about both this class and the other game centric class that I am taking is the lack of potential game developers in them. Making games is becoming more and more sought after jobs. When you are in a university that has no real program, you really need to take whatever classes that are available that actually deal with games. And thus far, in three classes from this department, I haven’t seen anyone with similar interests as I. This makes me wonder where the student devs are going because I know there is in fact a student group in UW-Madison.

Nintendo’s Wii Strategy

I’ve talked about the Wii quite a bit in previous posts, but yesterday I listened to the AllGames Interactive podcast where Scot Rubin was whining about the lack of online play on the Wii. And that got me thinking about the Wii’s strategy. Nintendo learned alot on how to market their product with the DS. They took a technically inferior product and beat the competition with innovation. And they didn’t do it just by having the innovation, they did several very clever things.

Continue reading “Nintendo’s Wii Strategy”

How Microsoft is shooting themselves in the foot

When Microsoft launched the idea of Vista. They named it as a way to bring games back to the PC. Not a bad idea for them at all, as games are what generally drive the PC market. If not for games, there would be very little reason for anyone to upgrade their OS from Windows 95. And do you really think Office has changed that drastically in the last 10 years to warrant an upgrade on its own either? No. What does warrant an upgrade is bigger and better games which require faster and faster computers, which require an OS that can handle the speed and compliment it. Continue reading “How Microsoft is shooting themselves in the foot”

Random Stuff

Well this week’s Hep C injection didn’t go anywhere near as disasterous as last week’s. This week the injection site didn’t bruise at all, compared with last week’s gameboy size bruise, I’m quite pleased. I didn’t have hot or cold flashes, I felt a little achey but no where near as bad as last week. And I was still a little drowsy and didn’t feel like goin out much. I think taking the medication a couple hours earlier in the night helped a lot, I think I’m going to bring it back another hour especially with school coming up. My hope is that the very worst of it will be gone by the time class starts, I doubt that’ll happen but anything I can do to help is worth my while.

I went to target last night to get some stuff and while I was there I decided to check out Wii stuff. Still no controllers or nunchuckus, but they still had ample supply of games. While I was lookin in the area I decided to go over to the PS3 section because I had heard that PS3 were beginning to be readily available. Sure enough, Target had 2 of the expensive, and 1 of the cheaper PS3s on display (who knows if there were more in the back, it didn’t seem like their shelf could hold much more than that). I can’t imagine Sony thinking the PS3 has been a success. They have sold almost a quarter of what Wii has sold in less time. Meanwhile, people are still waiting in line for the Wii and the PS3 is gathering dust on the shelf. If this continues, Sony is going to have to enter into a price war and start slashing the price of the console like there is no tomorrow. This will become even more dire if rumors are true and Microsoft puts out a 120GB version of the 360 at the same price the premium currently sits at as the main advantage the PS3 has had thus far is that it has a bigger hard drive, which this will totally nullify.

Sony is in trouble.

And honestly I don’t even think Microsoft is in a great place looking at continuing crappy numbers in Japan. In a little more than a year Microsoft has sold more than 10 million units, which is great for them, however I’d be shocked if they sold much more than 1 million in Japan which is dismal. After just 2 and a half months, Nintendo has almost sold 4 million units, and gaining fast. Nintendo’s only limitation is getting the units out and they are putting them out faster than Sony or Microsoft could do combined. If Nintendo continues to have these strong sales, Nintendo should easily eclipse Microsoft as console leader by the end of the year. This is especially true when you consider the software that Nintendo is likely to put out this year. I expect Super Smash Bros., Brain Training, Mario, and Metroid. These franchises I think are really going to push the numbers of Nintendo quite a bit, they are 4 of Nintendo’s strongest franchises, their 5th already being out on the Wii with Zelda, and their 6th never has worked on a console. Although I totally expect the Pokemon fighting game for Pearl/Diamond this year as well. (I’ve heard that it is the best version to date of the fighting game but that game hasn’t traditionally done will in the US, even when the Pokemon franchise was at its height.)