Problems Roleplaying

Going along the lines of my recent Shadowrun 4 review, I thought I would go into my personal progression into roleplaying. It has been a year now since I began roleplaying on a nearly weekly basis. Most of the rest of the group has been there week in and week out as well. Some more than others obviously. I actually think that of the group, I have been the most consistent in actually being there. Continue reading “Problems Roleplaying”

Thoughts on Shadowrun 4

It has been almost a year now since I started playing Forth edition Shadowrun with a group. And some things have progressed some things haven’t. But I wanted to give my overall thoughts of SR4.  I am by no means an expert on the system, even after a year which I guess could show that the game system has depth, but I don’t think you can be a master of any pen and paper RPG after only one year.

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Dualing in MMOs

I’ve played a lot of Travian over the last few years and perhaps one of the first things you learn as a Travian player is that one player on an account is not enough to be competitive. In my recent mini-return to Everquest 2, this has got me thinking of how this would work in an MMORPG. Granted, MMOs don’t have quite the time constraint as a 24/7 strategy war game would, but they do still consume an awful lot of time if you want to be a hardcore raider.

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Pokémon Generations

Pokemon Black and White are coming out later this year, at least in Japan, that and me getting back into the pokemon series gets me thinking of all the various games that have come up thus far. I really have been a player of the series since the initial Red & Blue came out in the US, and have bought every version since and a couple of the remakes as well. So how do I think they rank? I’ll put my two cents in, but only really going to go in the original of the series… the offshoots (such as Crystal and Emerald) tend to be slightly better than the original, as are remakes. Continue reading “Pokémon Generations”

Everquest 2 Extended Announced

This week I got an email from Sony Online Entertainment announcing to me that they are launching EverQuest 2 Extended. What this is, is a free-to-play edition of EQ2. They aren’t doing it quite like normal, they are splitting it up into tiers. So there will be free to play, an extended version with a one time fee, their normal monthly fee, and then a new extended pay structure that gives you more access. Continue reading “Everquest 2 Extended Announced”