Taking over the Gold Farm

As stated in my previous article, I think what might be acceptable products for micro-transactions would include xp bonuses, gold, and levels. This is extremely controversial I agree. People will generally think that this creates  a game where people who have money in real life gain real power in the game. This isn’t entirely true though.

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Micro-transactions and the Modern MMO

I recently began the beta test of Champions Online, I will likely have my own preview before it goes live before September 1 when it launches. However, one of the things that they are touting with CO is the ability to purchase new costume outfits with real money. Supposedly this is a way to be able to keep more devs on the team at any given time and so through the micro-transaction sales they will be able to fund more content in the game itself that you don’t have to pay extra for. This coupled with a somewhat decent book called [amazonify]1401322905::text::::”Free”[/amazonify] and I’ve been thinking about micro-transactions in MMOs going forward.

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WoW Fanboys Get Validation

I am sure everyone has seen the World of Warcraft commercial that seems like it has been in every commercial break. You know the one coupled with Mountain Dew where the two people go into the grocery store, turn into orcs and start attacking each other? I doubt you’ll need it, but I’ll put it into the post below. The thought occurred to me though that this commercial is probably well loved by WoW fans even if it is an amazingly annoying and awful commercial.

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Lately I’ve been getting back into to ToonTown for some reason. I know I know it is a kids game. Really that has never bothered me though. I’ve always looked for top quality games regardless of who the game is targeted at. To me, if the game is fun it is worth playing. And honestly, ToonTown is fun and thus it is worth playing. Well at least for short bursts it is. It is kind of like City of Heroes where the repetitiveness comes up really quickly in the game.

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You Can’t Always Get What You Want

I’ve been reading up a lot on Google of late. There have been many things of note that I have really taken from them as a company and some of the theories that they work off of. In particular, I have found it astonishing to see how well it seems that what Google does carries so well into Game Design theory and game development. Because of that, It hought it would be a good opportunity to bring in a new law of Raph Koster’s and take some of what I’ve learned from Google into the MMORPG realm.

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