Return to Minecraft

I haven’t really touched minecraft for probably a year. Recently though, I found a new mod pack called Feed the Beast, quite by accident, and thought I would give it a try. Then I found a mod called Mo Creatures which I added into Feed the Beast and now I feel that Minecraft is a completely new game and one worth playing again. Continue reading “Return to Minecraft”

Franchises Nintendo Should Bring Back

At long last, Nintendo will finally be releasing a new version of Pikmin in a couple of months. It’s about freaking time. Now Pikmin isn’t exactly the oldest or most ignored Nintendo franchises, but it was a series that seemed to me to be made for the Wii platform (and the remake of Pikmin 2 proved this). So I’m glad they decided to bring it back because this is easily one of my favorite newer franchises of Nintendo’s. Over the last few years Nintendo has brought back a lot of old franchises including Kid Icarus, Punch Out and heck even Fire Emblem finally seems to be getting its due. But this only got me thinking… what other franchises long forgotten should be brought back? This is what I came up with… Continue reading “Franchises Nintendo Should Bring Back”

Post E3 Thoughts 2013

A little late, but I figured it was time to share my thoughts of what happened at this year’s E3 and shortly thereafter. Obviously it was kind of a big year with both Sony & Microsoft showing off their new hardware. Yet I’ll be honest in saying I wasn’t really blown away by either. The only game that I thought looked somewhat better than current gen games was Final Fantasy XV on the PS4. Overall, graphics-wise I felt both consoles looked like more of the same of what we already have with a price increase. Continue reading “Post E3 Thoughts 2013”

X-Box One… B

Ok, everyone knows that Microsoft announced their new console, named the X-Box One. I mean first of all, I gotta say that I hate the name of Nintendo’s Wii U. And as much as I thought that was a terrible name, Microsoft somehow topped it. I mean Nintendo has talked about how people thought the Wii U was a peripheral to the Wii, however at least there is a distinguished name to it. X-Box One has already existed, it was the first X-Box that Microsoft deleted years ago, and so I have no choice but to now call it the X-Box 1 B or the X1B from now on because I don’t want people to get confused with the original X-Box which I will now call X1A. And you see why I hate the name. Continue reading “X-Box One… B”

Online Anniversary

2013 is actually a really special year to me. It marks my 20th year being online and playing online RPGs. I don’t honestly have an exact date as to when it occurred, I just remember being 15 years old when I discovered everything. I usually pen in my discovery of these fine interwebs and MMOs to August. Continue reading “Online Anniversary”

Richard Garriott Gets His Crazy Money

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It is like a car crash in the making. How can you not look? That’s how I felt when I saw Shroud of the Avatar go up on Kickstarter. I gleefully put in my $25 in order to get a front seat view at the wreckage that will surely follow. And now more than 22,000 other people have followed suit and given Richard Garriott more than $2 million dollars in order to ensure that this car wreck happens. So far, Garriott has not disappointed. Read More >>