The Future of Netflix

I recently got NetFlix again due to my cancelation of Cable TV. And for a mini-update of that, I am quite happy with the change given that the new TV season is on keeping me busy there anyway and I save about $30 a month from what I was paying. Now I’m not going to do a review on Netflix, that’d be silly. Everyone knows what the service is and how good it is. What I want to concentrate on instead is some of the newer things that Netflix has added and what this service COULD be going forward Continue reading “The Future of Netflix”

Heroes Season 3… so far.

It has been two weeks, three episodes kind of, since the launch of the new season of Heroes. I thought I would take time to delve into this latest season and whether or not this season can make a return to its first season roots, or whether it will instead mirror the dullness of season 2. Warning to any potential readers out there, this may contain spoilers.

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A Future with no Cable

I am currently in the process of moving. We actually just signed our new lease last night for the apartment that we chose after a rapid fire weekend of showings. The apartment is pretty nice actually, almost twice the size of our current apartment, a ton of amenities, and a much more professional upkeep than we’ve had. But in this process, I’ve wanted to make some lifestyle changes; I guess that’s what you could call them. In particular I want to get rid of cable television.

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Get Smart Review

I just got back from watching [amazonify]B001GMAVGE::text::::Get Smart[/amazonify], the latest movie based on a former television show. Going into the movie, I was quite excited for it because I love Steve Carell and I also loved the old television program as well. Yet I didn’t really know how this one would turn out. The commercials seemed like it would work well, but I also feared that the commercials, like usual, showed all the funny parts. I’d also say that the track record for shows turned into movies has not been good. I can think of very few TV Shows that worked well as movies in the last ten years.

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A New Season of Man vs. Wild

We are likely mid-way into the latest installment of Man vs. Wild and I thought I’d give my thoughts. The important aspect of this particular season is that it really is the first real season after the debacle of everyone finding out just how fake the show was. The news was out before the previous season, but I had the feeling that they were caught with their pants down. The show seemed very much like a series of how to clips that weren’t entertaining nor interesting.

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Seems like an odd time for me to be talking about Jericho. After all, it has been months since the show got canceled for a second time, and I don’t think I ever really talked about it in the first place. However, I decided to revisit the show since it may be the last chance I have serious time, and I wanted to look at some post-apocolyptical stories for ideas for my game.

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