On Sunday I went to the Sundance Cinema with my roommate and saw Sicko. I thought it was fairly good, not as good as Bowling for Columbine but much better than Roger & Me, and slightly better than Fahrenheit 9/11.

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Thank God for Peter Jackson

The career of Peter Jackson looks to be muddled at best. He did great with the Lord of the Rings trilogy but bombed with King Kong. And now there is the whole business with the Halo movie where he is going to produce it not direct it and he wants more money than any studio is willing to give him but Microsoft will only do it with him… which essentially means that he may never do Halo.

Yet I still give him credit where credit is due, even if he never puts out another movie even half to what LotR was. What he did was single-handedly bring the genre to the fantasy screen. Yes there were others before him, most notably Harry Potter by one short year, Willow by many, and Legend by many more.

There were many more rather forgetable ones I am sure that I am missing as well but I think those were really the major players in the fantasy genre. This seems to have changed though. Now we are seeing a bevy of fantasy movies cropping up. We’ve already seen the first installment of The Chronicles of Narnia and I am sure we will see more from the series. Eragon came out not too long ago, and now the previews for some others are starting to show up like The Last Mimzy, The Bridge to Terapithia, and Pan’s Labyrinth. We are even seeing some smaller movies that are going straight to DVD like the long awaited (at least for me) Dragonlance Chronicles.

And now I am happy with the future of movies.


Saw Davinci Code today, never read the book, but thought the movie was pretty good and interesting. Predictable as well, perhaps it was done better in the book but I knew who the bad guy was and who the bloodline would be fairly early in the film. Those were the two big surprises about it so I guess they weren’t that great. I thought it was a very entertaining movie however. Continue reading “Davinci”