The Future of Netflix

I recently got NetFlix again due to my cancelation of Cable TV. And for a mini-update of that, I am quite happy with the change given that the new TV season is on keeping me busy there anyway and I save about $30 a month from what I was paying. Now I’m not going to do a review on Netflix, that’d be silly. Everyone knows what the service is and how good it is. What I want to concentrate on instead is some of the newer things that Netflix has added and what this service COULD be going forward Continue reading “The Future of Netflix”

The Next Batman

Given how good this last Batman movie was, it seems likely that we will see a third Batman movie in this series. Of course, the big question in this would be whether Christian Bale and Chris Nolan would return to the series, but I don’t see why they wouldn’t considering both seem fine with doing other movies while doing Batman and neither has gotten really too huge because of it. Assuming they do stick around, and considering how popular they have been I don’t see why they wouldn’t, the next question is… who does the bat fight next time?

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The Dark Knight Review

Thanks to Raven Software which my friend works for and thus I was able to get a ticket to go see the new Batman movie. The second in the latest series of Batman was nothing short of stellar. I can’t begin to describe just how pleased I was with the movie, but then I guess this is what I’m trying to do with this particular article. Continue reading “The Dark Knight Review”

An American Girl Review

I wanted to see Wall-E on Saturday or heck even Kung Fu Panda but my daughter had seen both of those, and because of health issues I couldn’t do much in the way of physical activities, we decided to see the American Girl movie. In reality, the movie was much better than I thought and in a lot of ways a movie I was glad that my daughter got exposed to. Though I feel sad that we didn’t bring our American Girl doll to the theater to make the whole experience a little more special for her. Continue reading “An American Girl Review”

Get Smart Review

I just got back from watching [amazonify]B001GMAVGE::text::::Get Smart[/amazonify], the latest movie based on a former television show. Going into the movie, I was quite excited for it because I love Steve Carell and I also loved the old television program as well. Yet I didn’t really know how this one would turn out. The commercials seemed like it would work well, but I also feared that the commercials, like usual, showed all the funny parts. I’d also say that the track record for shows turned into movies has not been good. I can think of very few TV Shows that worked well as movies in the last ten years.

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Prince Caspian Review

Wednesday I went out and saw the new Chronicles of Narnia movie, Prince Caspian. We largely decided to go because the local theater offers a particular movie every week for $5 and this week it was Prince Caspian. That being said, this book and the Silver Chair were two of my favorite books in the series so I was pretty excited to see the movie.

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