Stargate: Universe Review

This last friday, the long awaited new Stargate series of Stargate: Universe premiered on the SyFy network (still trying to figure out why this isn’t SciFi network anymore but I digress). I have been looking forward to SGU for a very long time, really I’ve been looking forward to a follow-up of SG1 since about the seventh season of SG1.

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Star Trek Review

Space, the final frontier, it has been a long time since we have been able to enjoy a fresh take on Star Trek. The new Star Trek re-imagining did a lot right that hasn’t been seen in the last decade or two for the series. For far too long the series has been struggling with the same story lines, bad directing and writing, and the same stale producers unwilling to take risks. Enter J.J. Abrams who decided to take on the original series and redo it. It is a ballsy move at best considering the status of the original series, but overall I must say he did a great job.

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Dollhouse Gets Better

If you haven’t been following the sci-fi television series Dollhouse by Joss Whedon, I would suggest that you give episode 5 a shot. The show really has been starting to come into its own and I hear episode 6 is going to be the best one of the season to date. Eliza Dushku still is a liability more than an asset to the show but it is still worth watching and even following.

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Dollhouse Review

Like many others, I have been really excited over Joss Whedan’s newest television show Dollhouse. After Firefly it is hard not to be hugely excited as that show as just so good. So last night, I happily sat down and watched the new show in hopes that it would be able to fulfill some of the scifi goodness that I so desire later in the week.

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Star Trek

While I’m not a huge Trekky even though I have watched it over the years. I thought I would post the trailer for the latest Star Trek because I must admit this new Trek looks pretty awesome and I am looking forward to it.

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NBC Mondays

I was going to just put a quick little review of one of last night’s new shows, but I decided instead that I should write up a little bit on each program just to kind of sum up my thoughts. So with that in mind… my review of the new NBC Monday night programming schedule. ***Spoilers may be coming if anyone wants to avoid them, in particular… Heroes***

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