Everquest 2 Extended Announced

This week I got an email from Sony Online Entertainment announcing to me that they are launching EverQuest 2 Extended.¬†What this is, is a free-to-play edition of EQ2. They aren’t doing it quite like normal, they are splitting it up into tiers. So there will be free to play, an extended version with a one time fee, their normal monthly fee, and then a new extended pay structure that gives you more access. Continue reading “Everquest 2 Extended Announced”

EQ2: Sentinel’s Fate Announced

Last week was SoE’s yearly fan fest where they have fans from all their games get together to have fun, talk about their games, and make announcements for the year ahead. I have never really been too excited about many of their other games, so of course I want to talk mostly about what they talked about in reference with [amazonify]B001EPZD7A::text::::EverQuest 2[/amazonify]. The big announcement was their yearly expansion announcement. It isn’t ever really a surprise that they announce them, but just more what exactly will be in it.

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Return to EQ2

So I am back to that game in which I love to hate. I’ve been feeling the burn of late to play MMOs again, so I returned to EQ2 largely because I have nothing else to turn to. I have considered WarHammer Online, howver what I’ve heard about it hasn’t been great thus far anyway. Conan, blech. I have also considered the expansion of lord of the rings but that is a month away and opposite of EQ2’s own which I’m willing to give the game a second shot, even if I’m not particularly thrilled with what we’ve seen of the expansion thus far.

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EQ2: Shadow Odyssey Announced

Everquest 2’s next expansion was announced recently, and though I don’t regularly play EQ2 anymore, I still have enough interest in the game where I feel the need to discuss this upcoming expansion a little. The expansion seems to be based completely on Dungeons, including supposedly 6 new dungeons and 5 new raids.

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It has been awhile now in the raiding guild and overall I gotta say it isn’t working out. I like raiding a lot and have the time to do it, moreover I think I am talented enough to do it and well enough geared as well. However, the guild itself is kind of sucky. The leader has found way to take all the fun out of playing the game to the point that I don’t log in except to raid, I don’t raid as much as I wanted to, and when I do I hope that the raiding gets canceled due to lack of players. The leader himself has pretty much chased off many of our more talented players and because of that, we are worse off now than we were two months ago when I joined.

I am pretty much ready to move back to a normal non-raiding guild. In fact I started notifying various people that I was going to quit yesterday but one of them talked me into staying just a little while longer, promising that he was going to take over raids to make setups better, to take the leader out of it a little, and to try to lesson the amount of rules that the guild has overwhelmed itself with. He also promised that we had many more new players incoming who should promise to bring the guild back to where it was so that our raids would be more successful again.

Still, I don’t have much hope. I told him that I’d stick around for a week or two more but I really don’t think it’ll get much better in that time. The guild leader is going to have to go through drastic changes, and so will the guild itself and I just don’t see it happening. I love raiding, it is just too bad I’m stuck on a server as crappy for raiding as Mistmoore.

Another Raiding Guild

So feeling a little ripped off about my previous guild ending before we really got the chance to go raiding, I decided to start applying to other, more established raiding guilds to at least be able to go and see the raids occur, see the zones, and at least get some loot. I tried a couple and got in one fairly easily (of course it was the lesser of the two) and last night went on a raid where we killed pawbuster (breaker?) and cleared PR.

Overall, they are decent, they have far too many rules, their dps isn’t where it should be, and I’m not sure if I’m going to enjoy them as much as I had the previous guild. However, this guild’s raid schedule is much better at Mon/Wed/Fri with fill raids on Saturdays and Tuesdays that are usually just for farming or status. This means I won’t get as easily burnt because I get breaks in between and it also means I can go out and spend time with my friends without having to sacrifice four straight nights like the previous guild would have.

Still the overwhelming amount of rules is a bit of a turn off. I liked what we were setting up before… it was a rare combo of top notch players that are expected to do their jobs without worrying about micro managing all of them. Plus the players themselves did much better dps than this current raiding force which tells me we would have been much more successful without even trying. I think that would have been great, it is too bad that we just couldn’t get the membership going.