Changing focus

Ok I never really worked on this blog and there are a few reasons for it. One is that I got two other blogs to ignore so I have no time to ignore this one too. The other is I sometimes have a hard time posting to this blog without making it feel redundant… so I thought of a really neat idea last night on how to refocus this blog…

The General Idea is this (Patent Pending)

Blogs were originally about people’s thoughts, what was going on their lives, etc, but now adays it isn’t really there. It is a bunch of rants, and it is a bunch of people wanting to break into the news media. What I wanna do is kind of go back there but in a more unique way. So what I’m going to start doing is allocating about 15-30 minutes a day and just type. Now you may be asking yourself how is this any different than any other blog? Well I’m going to try to type what I think as I think. What this may mean is raw unedited thoughts, and may thus be rather difficult at times to read but I will do my best. Also what this means is that things may seem very random… It may very well shift from one topic to another, with little transition. Even moreso it may also mean that I won’t be explaining who people are… not that you are expected to know who these people are, or what certain things are, but the hope is that if you actually come back you will begin to figure out who certain people I am talking about are in relation to me. I will also do my best to try to throw in links after I write my post if there is something people may want to go read in order to put my post in a better context.

So yes this may be a difficult to read on a day by day basis for people, but I think there is potential for this to be really interesting as well. I hope anyone who stumbles upon this blog begins to appreciate what I am trying to do and enjoys it.