Week Vacation

So this was an exciting vacation I just got off of.

On Monday we traveled up to Menominee, and did a few chores around the cottage like getting wood at a store, unpacking the car, and eating dinner. Then on Tuesday we went Geocaching to a local park that had four caches in it. We found three of them, but on the last one noticed that we had quite a few ticks on us.

We thought it was just 2 or 3 at first and drove to another cache on the way home that was near a cemetery. We parked in the cemetery and got ready to go when my roommate noticed that she had a tick going down her shirt. We both immediately got out of the car, took our shirts off and yelled noticing several ticks on both of our bodies under our shirts.

We quickly decided that we had enough geocaching and we got back into the car and drove back to the cottage. Now, I we both had Off on, with deet to stop ticks and still by the end of the day we probably had a good dozen ticks each on us. It was really the most horrifying tick experience that either of us had ever had.

Other than that the trip was rather uneventful. We only got one morning of sunbathing in due to bad weather. Even though we bought wood at a local gas station all the wood was still too wet to get a decent fire going. We went to a local restaurant that we  had never been to before and decided the portions were far too big (the biggest sandwich I have ever seen!) and far too expensive for the quality that it was. We decided if we ever went again we would either stick with appetizers or just split an entree. Otherwise it was good.

Even if things go bad when we go up to the cottage, it is just nice sometimes to get away for awhile.