More sticks

Decided not to go yesterday to get my daily factor because, well I’m not sure if I really needed to go and I am getting tired of getting stuck. My arms couldn’t really take more. So I skipped yesterday in favor of going today.

And yes, the nurse I had on Friday was my nurse again today. I saw her when I checked in sitting at the nurse’s station but the check-in lady was on the phone so I couldn’t request her or anything. Plus they were really busy so I didn’t know if I could even request on such a day anyway. So I went in the waiting area and it didn’t take long for her to come out and call another patient. She waved at me and smiled and I smiled back at her and waved back. I didn’t linger too long so hopefully that was a good move.

I then could do nothing but hope that they got to choose who got me and that she would get me again today. Sure enough in 30 to 45 minutes she came out and called me. YAY.I had a lot of fun with her, found out more about her. Didn’t ask her out… felt self-concious about it. Unlike Friday when I was essentially alone with her, this time there were patients and nurses EVERYWHERE. I kept wondering if others could hear and I just couldn’t ask her for her number. I told her I’d probably be back on Friday so hopefully I can get her yet again.

I do need to hurry and ask her though. I don’t think I can go to her for too long. I don’t like getting poked in my forearms and she doesn’t seem to be able to get my forearms anyway (so far she is 0/3), and she doesn’t like going in my anicubicle (elbow pit) which are my better vains. Eventually I am going to have to switch nurses out of necessity, so I am going to have to try to get her number before that happens. I can put up with the the pokes for awhile, but it would be best if I didn’t have to. On the other side of things, if I do get to choose her for Friday and she knows I asked for her, it will be obvious that I like her because there is no other reason that I would ask for her, after all she can’t hit me and she doesn’t like to go in the vains that I prefer (and they are very aware of where I prefer to go). So maybe it won’t be too much of a surprise for her if I asked her.