Spores away

Ok so like a couple weeks ago I said I was going to be dedicating like 15 minutes a day to this blog and I never did it until now because, well finals were this week and I had 5 papers, 2 finals, an oral final, and 2 presentations to give. Well now I’m done and I can get on with my life.

Playstation 3E3 is going on right now if you haven’t noticed. And I’ve been paying a ton of attention to it. Sony dropped the ball, honestly they should have done what Nintendo did with the name and announced their price last week so everyone could let out the steam before E3. Now the whole talk of the show in regards to Sony is how are the marginally better games than the 360 worth $200 extra. If Nintendo ships at $200 you might not even be able to justify the graphic difference for the $400 extra.

Microsoft I think actually did a pretty decent job given they haven’t got anything too new (console wise). GTA4 exclusive firsties I am sure will please a lot of people, Halo 3 will please alot of people, but neither will likely be out this year. They announced a ton of new arcade games like Contra, Street Fighter 2, and Pac Man and this is probably the best thing out of the 360. It never ceases to amaze me that the best thing about this $400 piece of equipment is 20 year old games from systems that only cost $150 when they came out. (If that). Everything else on the 360 is lame. However, I do think the Live Everywhere was also a great idea, why not.

Nintendo did a poor job for the pre-show but I think the show is going much better than the other two. They should have shown the new gun attachment, i think people would have eaten that up. I also am not sure why they aren’t sharing price and date given that we know Sony’s and this would have really put Sony in the grave, especially if they could come out a month before Sony.

But bar none the best of E3 IMO is Spore. Check out the attached link for a demonstration (has Robin WIlliams in it too). THis game I already will declare the best game EVER created. EVER. It is simply amazing. I sit there and watch it and wonder how anyone can top this. You get to make your creatures how you want them, to the finest details… those creatures are downloaded to other people spontaneously and you get theirs. This also goes into creating buildings, vehicles, cities, worlds… it is amazing. And on top of this, the game is like 10 in one. You have the pac-man like cell game, you have the action-adventure creature game, you have sims-like socialization, simcity city building, civilization conquest, space exploration, space conquest, and even trading cards!! Good god this is so awesome. At first I was thinking well how are they going to expand? I honestly wondered this because the editing you can do is so extremely detailed why not do it yourself?

[amazonify]B000FKBCX4:right[/amazonify]It seems the game right now is only land animals so perhaps we will see flying creatures, water creatures, plants, bug creatures (not sure if this would be possible), and hell space creatures… then you could get into different parts, colors, and meshes, maybe even new behaviors, or new mini-games. They have all types now, but can you think of the possibilities. You could create whole worlds, as you want them. Tolkien would have loved this. I cannot wait for this game. And it already looks soooo polished already! We have only really seen the space game, creature game, and cell game so the civilization and city must not be quite ready. Though I bet city building won’t be too much of a stretch considering this is from the guy who created SimCity in the first place. Too bad that we are going to have to wait till 2007 for this, and probably not till like thanksgiving. Maybe Wright will give us an early x-mas present and get it ready for next summer! I could probably spend the entire summer on this game.