It has been awhile now in the raiding guild and overall I gotta say it isn’t working out. I like raiding a lot and have the time to do it, moreover I think I am talented enough to do it and well enough geared as well. However, the guild itself is kind of sucky. The leader has found way to take all the fun out of playing the game to the point that I don’t log in except to raid, I don’t raid as much as I wanted to, and when I do I hope that the raiding gets canceled due to lack of players. The leader himself has pretty much chased off many of our more talented players and because of that, we are worse off now than we were two months ago when I joined.

I am pretty much ready to move back to a normal non-raiding guild. In fact I started notifying various people that I was going to quit yesterday but one of them talked me into staying just a little while longer, promising that he was going to take over raids to make setups better, to take the leader out of it a little, and to try to lesson the amount of rules that the guild has overwhelmed itself with. He also promised that we had many more new players incoming who should promise to bring the guild back to where it was so that our raids would be more successful again.

Still, I don’t have much hope. I told him that I’d stick around for a week or two more but I really don’t think it’ll get much better in that time. The guild leader is going to have to go through drastic changes, and so will the guild itself and I just don’t see it happening. I love raiding, it is just too bad I’m stuck on a server as crappy for raiding as Mistmoore.