Raiding Guild Goodbye

In all honesty, I thought that my next report on the raiding guild I had joined would be a pretty good one. As it turned out though it will not be. I was having a pretty good time in it, I was getting groups much easier, people there were willing to play and they were really good at it too. But last night upon logging in I got the news that they were dissolving. The problem was that while we had picked up a few quality players since I joined, we had lost a few more quality players to other guilds, real life, or Rise of Kunark boredom (an all too common disease these days). Abruptly they just decided to end it and I went back to my old guild.


I suppose this was always a chance… I mean they never had a complete guild in the first place, but I didn’t expect so many people to just randomly stop playing after they decided to make the raiding guild… it was weird. Maybe this type of burnout happens a lot more with the hardcore and maybe the rush to 80 created a larger burnout, or maybe the expansion just sucked. I’m not sure but I am really sad to leave those guys. I thought of going to follow them to the guild they are going to but I don’t like that guild so I just decided to return to my old guild which I love, but boy was I having fun with them….