Online Personals

Today was a bit of a waste. I basically used the day to de-stress from what was a pretty hectic week. I played Civ 4 most of the day playing around with the religious aspect of the day as I was told by some classmates that you could really do quite well with the religions.

I was able to make money a bit better with the religions, but overall it took me a lot longer to develop my country. Once I did I generally zoomed by everyone else with technology and was able to take the world quickly. I think that probably the best idea is to try to discover 1 or 2 religions quickly and then get the big wonder that gives 2 gold per state building and be done with the religious aspect of the game. Basically to just use it more to supplement my normal playstyle. Because really there isn’t a lot in the game built for the religions, but I had been ignoring them completely and I have seen some use for them even if it isn’t alot.

I did answer a personal online today. I honestly don’t expect a real reply from her. She seems to have had some fairly bad experiences previously and is pretty high on guard on this. I don’t really know why she even keeps her profile up, it says its cause she is shy in real life and doesn’t have a good opportunity to meet people, but if you already had bad experiences I’d be done with this avenue too.

Still I wanted to answer because she was cute and I don’t know. She had many of the same personality traits as me, while not being at all like me. She is far more artsy than I am for one, she’s a composer, I have my moments but I am more mainstream culture. So we’ll see. I don’t really have the opportunity to meet anyone in real life either. Who knows what will happen.