Lots o Games

A couple of weeks ago I sat on ebay for almost the full week buying up gamecube games. I decided that since the Wii will allow cube games to play on the system that I could probably buy up some cheap used games and be ok with it. So I bought several games at dirt pricese.

I bought SSX3, X-Men Legends, Final Fantasy: Chrystal Chronicles, Tony Hawk American Wasteland, Mega Man Anniversary Collection, and Geist. For those titles I probably paid around $75 shipping included, some were like $2 plus $4 shipping so I basically got a couple games at $6 each, not bad. Over the bunch I think I shouldn’t have bought Geist. I had heard a lot of good things about the game but I guess I didn’t realize that it was a full on shooter which is not my type of game at all. Plus shipping on that title was $15 since it was from Canda!

I’ve played a ton of the SSX3, had rented tricky before and loved it so I wanted to own a copy and am happy with it as well… I’ve beaten a few bosses on Mega Man 1 (it has Mega Man 1-8 plus a couple other fighting games on it), and have played a small amount of Tony Hawk. I just recieved FF & X-Men today so haven’t had a chance on those but am looking forward to them and I think they’ll compliment my collection nicely.

Now I have a TON of gamecube games. I’ve always been in the habit of buying a few games for each system. I think my Gameboy systems have the most games but that is cause they’ve all been backward compatible to some degree… but I think I have close to 20 games for the Cube and could probably pick up another 10 that I have my eyes on if I wasn’t careful. Yet I haven’t really finished any of them.. I really should put aside a weekend or something to finish some games up just so I can say that I’ve done it. Wind Waker I stopped playing when I was really really close to completing, just never got around to it(think I played over winter break one year and just never got back in it after school got out the following summer). In the meantime though I think SSX is a great pick up and play game that I can put back down fairly quickly. Good short bursts.