Best Buy

I was walking through Best Buy the other day and it occured to me that half the store was full of CDs and there were only like 1 or 2 people in the CD section. Meanwhile the movie and game isles was a mere quarter of the size (if that) and each of those had 6-10 people in them. So I was left wondering, just what is going on with Best Buy?

It used to be that they would get people into the store with low CD prices and a good selection, now most people think the selection is better on iTunes and they think the price is cheaper too so it is no wonder there are few people buying CDs anymore. The people who actually buy CDs are relegated to the role of the record owner of not too long ago, they are specialists, either looking for the feel of the olden days or too old themselves to know any better.

Meanwhile the movie section is overflowing with movies that are far over my 6’3″ head. And the game industry is panicing because it keeps growing and there seems to be less and less floor space to put all these games in. If Best Buy had half a brain, and it seems they don’t, they would cut the CD section in half, put the music in the same type of tall bin that movies are currently in, and expand the movie and game section accordingly. I personally would like to see games move up to the front of the store where the CDs currently are and then have the movies fill in where the Games used to be, therefore expanding both section. Both sections are just far too cramped right now, with people and with product, it is a shame Best Buy doesn’t notice these things.