An Idea

It started with a movie. I must admit, that movies have given me ideas before, but not like this. Usually, movies like this would have given me the idea of “Why don’t we have something like that around here?” But for some reason, this movie changed the question in my mind. Instead of the usual, it became a new version: “I can do something like that.”

It was a strange revelation really. I have had many ideas too. For real life businesses…. I’ve had create an MMO/Game Development Company, start a Donut Shop, start an import shop, just to name a few. But on this idea, it isn’t just a passing quip. It is something I see that it is viable. It is something that I can see the path on. Unlike those others.

The movie? “The King of Kong.” A documentary about Steve Wiebe beating Billy Mitchell in a 20 year old Donkey Kong Record.

The idea? An arcade.

I know the first thought of everyone at this point. The arcade is dead. Has been for years. It’s true and I can’t dismiss it. However, I can’t help but think there is still a market for it. In particular, I feel there is a market for a classic arcade. One that is marketed not to the 8-year old child of the modern arcade, but one that is marketed towards the 30 to 45 year old crowd who is looking for a return to their childhood glory.

This particular market is entirely different than the one that is currently out there. Sure there are bars like Dave & Busters that also have arcade games in them, but I don’t want a bar, I want an arcade through and through. Sure I don’t mind selling beer, but I don’t want that to be the focus, and I don’t think that people particularly want that to be the focus either.

The problem is there are few arcades and they are very far between. I do think there is a Dave & Buster’s in Milwaukee, but there isn’t anything else anywhere really near. For real arcades I know of one named Arcade 1984 down in Missouri. This is actually good for starting up an arcade here in the Madison area. But bad if  I want to research the idea of an arcade by finding what works. I don’t exactly have the cash to make a trip to Missouri right now.

So in that light, I have designed a survey and I would appreciate it if others went and completed the survey. Please answer honestly, there is nothing I can give for incentive for others except the hope of an arcade where you can return to your youth. Thank you for your help. You can access the survey by clicking here.