The Woes of Health Insurance

Lately I’ve been dealing with insurance, a lot. I decided to bite the bullet early in the year and allow commercial health insurance to take effect. I realize for the average American, this is not a big deal. Most people are eager to get commercial health insurance. However I, as a Hemophiliac, have gone through most of my adult life avoiding it like the plague. Why? Well, I have the most expensive disease currently in the world and regardless of what anyone else might say Medicare and Medicaid are far better insurance plans than any normal health insurance could give.
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More Health Concerns

As if I don’t have enough health concerns already in my life, on Tuesday night I went into the Emergency with what I thought was a severe back spasm of some sort as it hurt worse than it had in years. I get there and they let me in immediately. It is amazing how fast you can get in if you don’t try to cover your pain and you are visibly having issues. At any rate, after all is said and done they figure out that I am passing a stone and they give me muscle relaxers and it immediately goes away. Tonight it is flaring up again and as they instructed I took Ibuprofin and sure enough it went away (though after an hour and a half). I am not enjoying this latest problem of mine.

A Night in the ER

Wednesday night I felt the beginnings of an internal bleed starting in my left elbow. I didn’t really have time to do anything about it at that point, so I decided I would give myself my factor Thursday after I got home from work. However, by the end of the work day on Thursday the pain in my elbow was so sharp that I wasn’t even able to give myself the medicine due to the lack of bend in my elbow. Therefor, I made a trip to the emergency room, the first such trip I’ve made in more than half a year. Continue reading “A Night in the ER”

At the Hospital

I am currently writing this from the hospital where I had my surgery yesterday. The experience itself was more than a little nerve wracking, though honestly was better than it had been previously. This is largely because I woke up at 4am yesterday, and thus by the time the surgery was getting prepped, I was already naturally groggy which helped. Despite that, I was still getting the shakes before hand just from being nervous. It is a difficult thing to go under, and everything smells and tastes like crap now from the oxygen. Continue reading “At the Hospital”

Surgery & Stay

This Friday I am going into surgery in order to get a port placed. A port is essentially a catheter that is placed under the skin that allows the person to have access to a bloodline so that they can give injections easier without killing veins via shots in the arm. They often put these in the chest, but sometimes in the arm as well. For this one, it will be put into my chest on my righ side which is good. Though I believe they have gotten smaller, they can often leave a bulge under your skin so it is nice to be able to cover that up (not to mention the scars from the sticks to access it).

This is not my first port, I had 2 or 3 previously. My last one was in for about ten years before it got worn out and infected. I think for this upcoming MY plan is going to be to try accessing it less than previously. I still intend to access it every week like I had, but previously I had left the needle in for 2 or 3 days before I took it out. On this upcoming port I’m hoping to access it once a week and then take it out right away in order to try to prevent infection from occurring again.

Though the placement should be a rather simple procedure they are going to keep me in the hospital over night to make sure everything is going ok. Which is fine, I think they are doing it solely because I complained that they wanted to shoe me out the door right away after taking my port out 2 years ago. Though there was a slight difference there in that I needed to get infusions every 8 hours for the first day or two and I can’t give myself a shot so that just seemed retarded to me to ask me to come into the hospital that often. Still, it is nice to be there to make sure everything has gone ok, and I actually kind of enjoy staying in the hospital as it offers me a respite from my normal life, and at least at my hospital, the food isn’t nearly as bad as the stereotype says.