Packers that won’t be back for the 2012-2013 season

It might be a little early to start talking about this considering this season isn’t really over yet. But I’ve had this on my mind the last several weeks and I thought I would take the opportunity of the playoff bye to discuss it. Of course each off-season brings with it a bit of turnover. I feel the Green Bay Packers have been lucky enough the past few seasons to only come away with a couple of real losses, and honestly I feel like this season will be no different. Continue reading “Packers that won’t be back for the 2012-2013 season”

Aaron Rodgers v. Brett Favre

No I’m not going to talk off the field stuff, just on the field, thank you. Tom Silverstein wrote an odd article in which he compares these two QBs in light of all the “Rodgers playing better than any QB in history” hype that’s been going around. In it, he takes Favre’s best 16 game stretch and compares it to Rodgers’ current 16 game stretch. Though the stats don’t support his conclusion, he decides Favre is better. Continue reading “Aaron Rodgers v. Brett Favre”

Packers are Super Bowl Champs Again!

I would be remiss if I didn’t put out some word about the Packers. I must admit that I can’t believe it still. I couldn’t believe they were even in the Super Bowl the last couple of weeks and now I can’t believe they’ve won it. It is completely unreal. I can’t even imagine how it is with the players. To the players, I hope they know how proud everyone is for them. They did what they needed to do and now they have rings to reward them.

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Green Bay Packers 2010

It has definitely been an interesting season for the Packers. They had their ups and downs to be sure, and no one can discount what they have done. With no less than 14 players on injured reserve, they are still one of the more feared teams in the NFL playoffs this year, and many analysts still are picking them to go to the big show. Personally, I’m not entirely sure if they will quite get there, but it will be fun to watch the ride.

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Favre and the Packers

I don’t think we talk about Favre enough so I thought I’d add to the growing debate about whether the Packers would have done better with Favre this year than they did with Rodgers.  It is just as easy to give the QB all the blame when things go bad as it is to give the QB all the credit when things go good. So let me say it here, Reggie White may have been far more important to the Packers winning the Super Bowl in ’96 than Brett Favre. It almost seems blasphemous to say, but it is true, Reggie White’s contribution was huge.

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