eWhy eHow has ePromise

I recently have gotten into eHow. For those that don’t know, eHow is a site in which you write up an article about how to do something, and post it. But it doesn’t end there, you get a cut of all the advertising that eHow gets from your article so it becomes a potential money maker. Though this wasn’t what got me really, I mean I do want money and right now I am struggling financially, but ultimately, I am a writer and the format they have created somehow makes it akin to an internet magazine.

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Romantic Involvements in Writing

After having one of those romantic dreams last night (you know the ones), I began thinking about romantic involvements in the book that I’m working on. I currently don’t have plans on having a romantic involvement in my story, yet it seems to me that this is almost all of what writing is about. I’m not sure I like that, and maybe I leave that out just to try to buck the trend, but then I feel like I may be endangering myself with a large segment of my possible readership.

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Wii Fit Review

As previously mentioned, I got Wii Fit as a Christmas present and have been working hard to burn off those calories and become healthy ever since that point. I wanted to give the program a good month before I started reviewing it because the various positions are unlocked via how much time you put into the game. So I needed to put time in in order to give it a complete review.

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The Average Hero Paradox

I would be remiss if I didn’t follow up my previous post with a new rule. I apologize to whomever if I am stealing this rule from someplace, but I haven’t been able to figure out reference to it. I very well may have found it somewhere previously and just forgotten where, or I came up with it such a very long time ago that I forgot whether I came up with it or not. Either way, it doesn’t matter, I think it is good enough that it deserves a spot in the MMO game design pantheon.

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Reflecting on a Bush

With only a few days left of the reign of Bush, I thought I would take a few moments to reflect on his rule over this country. It has actually been an interesting eight years to be sure. I mean yeah I would trade this president for any other in recent history, but I did learn a great deal from Bush all the same.

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