A New Season of Man vs. Wild

We are likely mid-way into the latest installment of Man vs. Wild and I thought I’d give my thoughts. The important aspect of this particular season is that it really is the first real season after the debacle of everyone finding out just how fake the show was. The news was out before the previous season, but I had the feeling that they were caught with their pants down. The show seemed very much like a series of how to clips that weren’t entertaining nor interesting.

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Being Conditioned to Work

So obviously I had my big day of work today. First day back at a real job for really 6 or 7 years. It was odd, and very nerve-wracking. The whole day was rather boring. The company I was working for had not previously had a new employee for a whole year, today they had nine. They were not at all ready for us. Me in particular it seems, as they didn’t even have my name until the evening before so I didn’t have anything, a computer or login or anything.

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Seems like an odd time for me to be talking about Jericho. After all, it has been months since the show got canceled for a second time, and I don’t think I ever really talked about it in the first place. However, I decided to revisit the show since it may be the last chance I have serious time, and I wanted to look at some post-apocolyptical stories for ideas for my game.

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New Job

If you don’t watch my little twitter go by on the side of the Page, last Friday I got the news that I am going to be hired as a Help Desk Tech starting this upcoming Wednesday. It is both exciting and nerve wrecking. I really don’t want to go to work, like anyone does, but at least the pay is decent and it is something that I can do fairly easily.

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Indiana Jones Review

I was very disappointed when I heard awhile ago that they were going to do another sequel to Indiana Jones. The trilogy was one of the better action movie series that came out of the 80s, and this seemed like a very cheap attempt at capitalizing on former popular movies, not unlike Rambo and Rocky which also needed to be left back in the 80s. Yet here we are with the 4th in the series, and despite despising the idea, I had to go and give them my money to warrant the movie in the first place.
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