Long Work Week

This last week I have officially logged in over 67 hours of work. To say it has been a long week is an understatement. I work at Wisconsin Medicaid and we rolled out our new website this last week which has resulted in an overload of calls from basic questions of people wanting to know how it works, to things not working at all. I have been working 11-13 hour days all week, and then yesterday I worked another eight hours, followed by a few this morning. This will result in a work week in which I should have a check that is twice the amount of what it was for me normally. It is greatly needed too, as last Monday I took my car into the shop and got charged $650 for fixing a leaky water pump.

A Wii kind of week.

This is my second post on the Wii this week and for no particular reason either. No big game out or anything. I have gotten three new games recently which I hope to review fairly soon. I think it is more because on Sunday, I not only wrote a long overdue post about the Wii, but I also updated the Featured Posts for November with a trip back to when I bought my Wii and now I think about it. It also seems kind of appropriate, considering that we are moving into the second year of the system, and now finally you can start walking into Target and actually seeing a Wii on the shelf!

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Some SEO upgrades to the Site

I realize it is a little bit weird to talk about the actual site instead of something going on in my life, but over the weekend I put a pretty large amount of effort into making the site a little more SEO friendly. I have to say that it is a very interesting experience looking into this stuff. SEO for those who don’t know is Search Engine Optimization. And a lot of the stuff is very basic, but sometimes I guess I forget how much this stuff affects the amount of visitors I can get in any given day.

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Gamecube Games on the Wii

Nintendo recently announced that they will be re-releasing Gamecube games on the Wii, I guess these are being termed “GameCube Masterpieces.” In a lot of ways this idea seems rather redundant more than anything else. After all, you can already play GameCube games on the Wii, just go to Gamestop or something and buy them used for cheap. However, I don’t think this is altogether a bad idea. After all, many people didn’t have a Gamecube, and many people DO have a Wii.

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Barack Wins

Let me be one of the million people talking about the new president this morning. Congratulations to Barack Obama and his family. You were entrusted with an enormous responsibility. You have to live up to your campaign, to the African-Caucasian-American race, you have to get out of a bad war, find a terrorist, and fix our economy. Good luck. I hope you can live up to what we have given you. But more than anything, I hope that the way you won… without all the corporate money, allows us to have a clean president looking out for the good of the people, instead of the good of the corporation and the good of the rich. Do us proud.

The Incredible Hulk Review

I rented the latest Hulk movie on Netflix this past weekend and watched it. Everyone said that it was much better than the original but I’m not entirely certain I agree. Each does some things better than the other, the first one wasn’t exactly good, but neither was the second one either, but for very different reasons. Perhaps at its heart the reason why this series doesn’t seem good to me is that the series just isn’t all that great.

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