Spore: Cute & Creepy Pack

From a game design point of view, I understand why these parts packs are putting out, and realistically it is a good idea. These part packs first seen in Sims 2 as Stuff Packs are a merger between an expansion and pay for a part model that is becoming increasingly more popular. I actually quite liked the idea of it over in Sims 2. Quite often I liked the stuff packs more often than the expansions. What isn’t to like? I often just wanted the extra stuff, and was regularly ho-hum about the new features. I was really excited to see how the idea would translate to a game in which you could tell was built for the ground up for it. What could go wrong?

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First Impressions of Spore

I got Spore on Sunday. I bought the Galactic Edition that has with it the art book, making of DVD, and the national geographic special that went with it. These things I can’t really speak of yet because I have not actually taken the time to look at them, but I’m sure I will at some point. I decided to get the special edition largely because I truly wanted them for this title. I love Will Wright and I have high hopes for this particular game, so I wanted to know all I could about it.

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Spore Creature Creator Impressions

Last week I got the free trial download while I waited for my real copy to come in the mail so I’ve gotten some decent chance to really play with the software. To flesh this out, today I got my real copy of the game which allowed me to take a look at those parts that the trial didn’t come with, which was most of the parts. With that I thought I’d discuss what I thought of the game so far.

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