Thoughts on Blogspot

Recently, I noticed that blogspot/blogger had updated to give users a little more control over their blogs, because of that I decided to give it another shot after years of absence.┬áThere are a few advantages to blogspot in particular over hosting yourself or WordPress’ similar service.

First, unlike WordPress, you can actually post your own advertisements on your blog on blogspot which means it is a lot closer to your own hosted blog. You have a potential to actually make money (not that there is real money to be made on blogs anymore). Not only do they allow you to throw in your own ad links, they build in google adsense into it. This makes sense, after all Blogspot is owned by Google so why not? But this is a far cry from WordPress’ strict no advertising policy. Continue reading “Thoughts on Blogspot”

Online Anniversary Site Update

In celebration of my 20th Online Anniversary, I decided to go do a minor update to the website. These updates aren’t huge but were meant to help streamline things a little bit. I essentially switch to the new default WordPress theme of TwentyThirteen. I saw the theme and completely loved it, made some coloring modifications to it to make it look more like I am wanting it to look and some other slight changes and I got what I wanted out of it.

This leads to the likely very different background color for this post. I am definitely looking for some feedback on the new look in particular any new background colors that you may notice.

I am also switching away from changing the banner image for every single post, but will instead have header images for each post later. I will still update the header from time to time but it won’t be as frequent as it was. Hopefully this lowers the time input for creating particular posts. And this will mean that I won’t be inserting my name on every single image as well which is probably a good thing.

On a somewhat related note. I do think I’ve figured out what I want to do for my 20th Anniversary! I do want to go back and revisit some of my MMOs that I played through my history as I previously discussed. But instead of just posting about those experiences, I decided to Youtube them. Continue reading “Online Anniversary Site Update”

Back Up and Running

Well hopefully we are up and running at least=P

After a nearly four month hiatus, I think I finally got the website back into a state where it can be released back into the public blogosphere. It has been a long story behind this particular site. It all began with a redesign which broke when I tried to put it up. I tried for weeks to fix it and then eventually real life came in and smacked the web site to the side. I quickly forgot it in favor of the many things that occurred life and when I was able to return, I decided to scratch the redesign and instead simplify it down to the base. Continue reading “Back Up and Running”

New version of

Ok, so for the last few weeks I have been diligently at work designing and coding the next version of my website. I didn’t previously have any desire to update the site, I had designed the current one with the idea that it would be in use for a few years. But then I started to play with, which is a great site if anyone wants to try it. The design I came up with over there started making me think about the design that I have here. While I overall like the design here, I never was in love with it and it doesn’t work well in many parts of it. So I started putting the design I had in roxer into HTML and CSS and started breathing life into my new site.

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My blog

I’ve been giving some thought to my blog of late, partly because I haven’t been writing in it and I feel guilty because of it. I am trying to create a schedule for myself which would hopefully force me to sit down and write for the blog a few times a week. We’ll see how that works out, so far not great but now that I’ve been getting time out of work I’ve started using it to catch up on other things that I’ve been ignoring. The other part of the blog thoughts stems from the 43 Folders podcast.

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WordPress 2.7

I recently went and upgraded the WordPress I use to 2.7 even though it still isn’t completely out of testing. The main reason why I decided to make the move is because I’m sick of updating WordPress and finally in 2.7 they are allowing for automatic updating which thus far having already used it once, it is a complete dream! You can also automatically install plugins which makes that process a little easier as well. The only thing you can’t update automatically is the themes which is a shame. I realize that I’ve basically edited my theme myself, but it is based off K2 and it’d be nice if I could get those updates when they happen.

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