10 Pokemon That Need New Evolutions

Pokemon X has a very strong Red/Blue vibe to it that makes me think back about Pokemon of yore. I really feel that there are a number of Pokemon who have long needed new members to their evolutionary chains. This seems particularly true now that Game Freak has added Mega Evolutions, which are essentially a forth line of evolution, albeit temporary. I think one of the things that many people liked about Gold & Silver was how it brought new evolutionary chains to the old Pokemon, this is something that hasn’t been done as much since. With that,  I thought I’d come up with 10 pokemon that are in pretty big need of new evolutions, most of which are older, but there might be a couple newer ones as well. Continue reading “10 Pokemon That Need New Evolutions”

First Thoughts with Pokemon X

It has been a week since Pokemon X first made its worldwide launch. I have played with it a little, but I’ll be honest that my opportunities to play has been limited until this weekend. So while it has been out for a long time, I just got past the second gym leader. With that, I figured it was time to put up something about the latest in the Pokemon series.

First off, to my credit on just getting the second badge is that, this version of Pokemon is HUGE. I mean Black & White were noticeably bigger than previous versions of Pokemon, but this one makes that one look small. I’d say on average there are 4.5 routes per badge, and each of those routes are probably about 50% longer than previous routes. The fact that you now have a base speed that is much faster due to roller skates, is very well necessary. Without them, I feel like the pace of the game would likely be far too slow. So while it is much more immense in size, there is a good balance being met to make you feel like you are accomplishing things.

With the size, it would be easy to sit there and say, well that must be boring with looking at the same pokemon over and over again for such a long distance. But Game Freak has decided with this one to truly utilize their back catalog of Pokemon. With this series, there are about 750 total Pokemon to catch, and they don’t leave a lot of them out of the loop. Ignoring Black & White which was weird because it had only pokemon from that series in its main area, most of the time in a new pokemon game, any particular route has about 4 to 6 old pokemon and 2 to 3 new pokemon in it. This one seems to average about 7 to 8 old pokemon with 1 to 2 new pokemon in it. Yes this means that this series has probably fewer new entries into it than any previous entry into the game, but it also makes each area feel like it is a completely wild area with loads of different Pokémon every time you walk into the brush which I really loved. Continue reading “First Thoughts with Pokemon X”

Pokémon Generations

Pokemon Black and White are coming out later this year, at least in Japan, that and me getting back into the pokemon series gets me thinking of all the various games that have come up thus far. I really have been a player of the series since the initial Red & Blue came out in the US, and have bought every version since and a couple of the remakes as well. So how do I think they rank? I’ll put my two cents in, but only really going to go in the original of the series… the offshoots (such as Crystal and Emerald) tend to be slightly better than the original, as are remakes. Continue reading “Pokémon Generations”

Pokemania Returns

I went out and bought Pokemon SoulSilver and HeartGold a few months back for my daughter and I to play together. She loves pokémon, and so do I, and I figured it would be a good way to bond. Furthermore, I rather liked this particular generation of pokemon, so I was rather excited to play a new updated version in the Diamond-like graphics (which I thought were stellar upgrades from Ruby/Sapphire). Continue reading “Pokemania Returns”

2 Days with Pokemon Diamond

Getting pokemon turned out to be quite an ordeal. I had a gift card that I was saving from Christmas to buy Pokemon for Best Buy and even though I’ve lost favor with Best Buy I still don’t mind using Gift Cards there. So I went online and ordered Pokemon Pearl g3cause the exclusives seemed a tad better there, and I didn’t mind if I got my copy a few days late. Well if Best Buy makes it obvious what address you are shipping it to, I don’t know where it is because this was the second time that I failed to notice a shipping address entry form and it had my old address in it. Continue reading “2 Days with Pokemon Diamond”