The Belt

Great sins I must have made
For the beatings to be paid
My warden most divine
Encases me in solitary
But the punishment fit not the crime
A father’s abuse I need not see
Yet Jesus loves me this I know…
for the bible tells me so.

The Paper

Who screwed you?
Was it man? Was it woman?
Were they gentle? Were they firm?
Was it fast? Did they take their time?
Did they twist? Did they turn?
Did they drill? Did they hit the stud?
Why did they screw you?
You were frail and thin.
Up against the wall.
You didn’t need so much effort worked.
Now you are no longer needed.
Just scraps.
Your remnants there due to the screw.
They could have just nailed you.


Where have I gone?
Where have I been?
How do I change just who that I am?
How do I find the one that I love?
I don’t believe God has left me alone.
Yet here I do sit, stranded alone at home.