Post Surgery Treatments

It has been a couple of weeks since my surgery which removed my Port-a-cath and put in a PICC line. Outside of the initial mess that the surgery caused me, everything has gone fairly ok I guess. I was on a 24 hour drip for 2 weeks straight. Last Tuesday, I was officially taken off the drip and put on an oral antibiotic instead.

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Infection turns to Surgery

After 6 weeks, the infection finally burst out of my skin and my doctors finally took it seriously. They brought me in fairly quickly, stuck a needle in the site and drew out some of the substance in order to test it to see what it was. Surprise, an infection. The next day they were wanting to take out the entire port, not surprisingly. They wanted to remove the port before they even knew what it was that was wrong. That is how they operate. Continue reading “Infection turns to Surgery”

At the Hospital

I am currently writing this from the hospital where I had my surgery yesterday. The experience itself was more than a little nerve wracking, though honestly was better than it had been previously. This is largely because I woke up at 4am yesterday, and thus by the time the surgery was getting prepped, I was already naturally groggy which helped. Despite that, I was still getting the shakes before hand just from being nervous. It is a difficult thing to go under, and everything smells and tastes like crap now from the oxygen. Continue reading “At the Hospital”