Final Thoughts on the Wii

With the Nintendo Wii U officially out now, I thought it might be appropriate to reflect upon the Wii given that it’s life cycle is finally complete. It is hard to believe that it has been a full six years, thinking on that it is odd that some have said it is too early for a new system but that is about the correct time frame for a new generation, especially considering that the Wii was without a doubt the weakest of graphics wise of the last generation. Continue reading “Final Thoughts on the Wii”

Rock Band 2 Review

A few months ago, I found out that you can use Guitar Hero 4 instruments for Rock Band 2. I hadn’t thought this was possible previously because it wasn’t with Rock Band 1, and I just kind of assumed it would be the same. This knowledge instantly put Rock Band 2 on my wish list and I got it for my Birthday, much to my delight.

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E3 is finally back

After a few years of hiatus, it is good to see that E3 has been resurrected from the ashes. I was quite saddened by the death of E3 a few years ago. It is one of my favorite gaming events of the year, even though I’ve never actually gone (if anyone would like to donate money for me to go I’m all ears!). Luckily for them, no other convention has really stepped in. DICE and GDC both grew a bit I think, but neither really was filling in so E3 wll be again the big event of the year.

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Guitar Hero: World Tour

About a month ago, shortly I got my tax refund, my roommate and I were walking through our local Target and we spontaneously decided to buy the latest edition of Guitar Hero. We were waiting and waiting and waiting to get it through Activision since she works for one of their studios and we could get a discount, but unfortunately we had grown tired of waiting and decided to splurge. So that day we walked home with a complete band kit of Guitar Hero: World Tour. Well I guess the tax refund I got did make me consume more than usual this one time.

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Games and the Economy

Everyone these days is taking a hit because of the economy. Even the Games industry to some degree, there have been many studio closings over the past several months. Yet, the video game industry as of yet hasn’t been hit nearly as hard as other companies, after all this last Christmas they saw more video game sales than the year before. This makes me wonder, will the game industry be the exception to the rule? Will they actually come out of the recession/depression nearly unscathed?

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