Infection turns to Surgery

After 6 weeks, the infection finally burst out of my skin and my doctors finally took it seriously. They brought me in fairly quickly, stuck a needle in the site and drew out some of the substance in order to test it to see what it was. Surprise, an infection. The next day they were wanting to take out the entire port, not surprisingly. They wanted to remove the port before they even knew what it was that was wrong. That is how they operate. Continue reading “Infection turns to Surgery”

Infections Abound

A couple weeks ago now, I went to Ohio to see my brother. I haven’t been to his place in nearly five years, so it was a pretty big event. When I got home, my roommate brought sickness with, and so did my mom. It took me a few days, but eventually the sickness did catch up with me and I ended up quite sick and lost three days of work. Continue reading “Infections Abound”

Battling Infection?

I have a port in my chest which helps me take medicine for my Hemophilia. I need to take medication at least and due to this frequency, my veins can’t take the constant use. Thus the port-a-cath. It is a catheter that goes into a major artery and remains under your skin in order to help protect you against infection. In order to access it, you must insert a needle into the center of the port and then you can give yourself medications. Continue reading “Battling Infection?”

Emotional Cutter

I have recently begun going to a therapist because of late I seem to be going down some bad paths. ┬áIn my mind’s eye I feel that I am clearly depressed, I have many of the symptoms of depression. I sleep a lot, eat a lot, never feel happy, never really want to do anything and my need to escape into games has gone up drastically.

Continue reading “Emotional Cutter”

In trouble

This week I seemed to turn a corner in my medication, and it isn’t a good one. I have yet to go to class this week is the simple way to say that things are going wrong… the more complicated part of it is that I don’t understand why I haven’t gone to class this week. Continue reading “In trouble”