Infections Abound

A couple weeks ago now, I went to Ohio to see my brother. I haven’t been to his place in nearly five years, so it was a pretty big event. When I got home, my roommate brought sickness with, and so did my mom. It took me a few days, but eventually the sickness did catch up with me and I ended up quite sick and lost three days of work. Continue reading “Infections Abound”

Battling Infection?

I have a port in my chest which helps me take medicine for my Hemophilia. I need to take medication at least and due to this frequency, my veins can’t take the constant use. Thus the port-a-cath. It is a catheter that goes into a major artery and remains under your skin in order to help protect you against infection. In order to access it, you must insert a needle into the center of the port and then you can give yourself medications. Continue reading “Battling Infection?”